Course Information

Prof. Sarah Iams
office: M464 Tech (across from Stair #4 and down the hall from Stair #3)
office hours: 
4-5 pm on Wednesdays.
Tuesday afternoons by appointment.
email: sarah.iams at

Course Meetings: 
MWF from January 6 - March 14.  Discussion and quiz on Thursdays
section 47: 10:00-10:50am in Tech Lecture Room 4
section 57: 11:00-11:50am in Frances Searle Building auditorium, 1441

Successful completion of a year of single variable calculus, including integration techniques such as integration by parts and trigonometric substitution (or self study to reach proficiency in integration) along with the equivalent of one quarter of multivariable differential calculus, with topics including computing gradients and parameterizing curves.

Textbook and Resources:
Edwards and Penney, 6th edition, Multivariable Calculus

True/False questions (as well as other resources) are available at:

WolframAlpha is helpful for graphing functions or checking your integration:
Ex: plot x^2+y^2 for 0<x<2, 0<y<4
Ex: integrate x^2+y^2 for 0<x<2, 0<y<x

You are also welcome to use a graphing calculator to check your work.  Calculators will not be permitted on quizzes or exams, however.

Master the construction, uses, and computation of double and triple integrals of functions of two or three variables.

Understand line integrals in the plane, as well as flux through plane curves, and apply the vector calculus results of Green's theorem.

Represent surface integrals via parameterization and double integrals, and apply Stokes' theorem and Gauss' Divergence theorem.

Course Components:
Reading the textbook is central to your success in this course.  There will be one reading assignment each week, which is designed to help you engage with the text.  This involves a written component and will be turned in at the beginning of the class during which it is due.

Weekly homework assignments include both required and optional problems.  Mathematical ability is built through constructive practice, and the more problems you grapple with, the more mathematical insight you will develop.  Homework is due at the beginning of class on Fridays.

Weekly quizzes during the Thursday discussion section, as well as three exams, will assess conceptual understanding as well as computational skill.

You may work with others on homework assignments, but your submission must be in your own words, written without copying from joint work.

In addition, you must complete and attach the following information to each assignment:

Your Name:
Assignment Number:
Due Date:
Humans consulted (including the Professor or TAs):
Internet or book resources consulted (aside from the course textbook):

TA Info:
Section 47A (Tech LG68, Thurs @10am): Sahil Shah
Section 47B (Tech MG28, Thurs @10am): Conor Schlick  

Section 57A (Lunt  105, Thurs @11am): Conor Schlick
Section 57B (Tech LG52, Thurs @11am): Mark Harmon

email: sahil at
email: conorschlick at
email: MarkHarmon2012 at

Office Hours (any of these TAs will be happy to meet with you):
Mon 1-3 pm in Tech M443 (Mark)
Tues 2-4 pm in Tech M412 (Avi)
Tues 4-5 pm in Tech M410 (Kaitlin)
Wed 10am-noon in Tech M412 (Avi)
Wed 1-3 pm in Tech M445 (Noah)
Wed 3-5 pm in Tech M461 (Sahil)
Thurs 3-5 pm in Tech M449 (Conor)

Homework and quizzes (top 7 quiz scores): 30%
Midterm 1 (Tuesday, Feb 4, 6-8 pm): 20%
Midterm 2 (Tuesday, Mar 4, 6-8 pm): 20%
Final Exam (Monday Mar 17): 30%

Attendance Policy:
You are expected to attend all course meetings and meetings of your discussion section.  Your presence contributes to your own learning and also contributes to the educational experience of your classmates.

Academic Honesty:
I will assume that all members of the class are trustworthy in their dealings with me, with the TAs, and with their classmates.  However, should a violation of this trust be discovered, it will be reported to the appropriate Dean.  The goal is one of fairness to those who adhere to this standard.

Sarah Iams,
Dec 16, 2013, 1:59 PM