Frontiers in Mathematics

Course Description and Grading Breakdown
Weekly seminar by a member of the math department or a visitor, to discuss their research at an introductory level. The course aims to introduce students to research areas in mathematics and help them gain an understanding of the scope of the field. 

This course is graded pass/fail and depends entirely on attendance.If you have to miss a lecture, please contact Meagan Heirwegh.

Contact Information
Please contact Meagan Heirwegh (101 Building 15) with any questions or concerns.

Course Schedule
 DateSpeaker  Talk Title
 Sept 26Omer TamuzQuasi-Regular sequences and the Golden Ratio
 Oct 3Ben KrauseOn the fundamental theorem of calculus
 Oct 10Yi NiThe Alexander polynomial of knots and links
 Oct 17Faramarz VafaeeKnot theory and topology in low dimensions
 Oct 24Zavosh Amir Khosravi Reciprocity Laws
 Oct 31Alexander KechrisThe pea and the sun
 Nov 7Matthias FlachFormulas of Leibniz and Euler and further developments
 Nov 14Dinakar RamakrishnanImaginary Quadratic Fields and their Class Numbers
 Nov 21Polona DurcikSome problems in Harmonic Analysis
 Nov 28Aristotelis PanagiotopoulosImpossible Constructions