Calculus of One and Several Variables

Course Description and Grading Breakdown

Course Meeting Time and Location
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
10:00 - 10:55 am
119 Kerckhoff Laboratory of Biological Sciences (KRK)

Course Instructor Contact Information and Office Hours
123 Math Building (Building 15)

Office hrs:  Fri  2-3pm

Recitations (all on Thursday)
 Sec     Time Room TA
 1 9:00 to 9:55 B111 Downs Alex McDonald
 2 9:00 to 9:55 B127 Gates Chemical Laboratory Annex Karlming Chen
 310:00 to 10:55 B111 Downs Alex McDonald
 410:00 to 10:55 B127 Gates Chemical Laboratory Annex Ryan Yoo
 5 1:00 to 1:55 B111 Downs Angad Singh
 6 1:00 to 1:55 103 Downs Dmitri Gekhtman
 7 2:00 to 2:55 B111 Downs Siqi He

TA Contact Information and Office Hours 
Alex McDonald (Head TA)Saturday, 2pm to 4pm B111 Downs
Karlming ChenSaturday, 7pm to 8pm B111 Downs
Dmitri GekhtmanThursday, 3pm to 4pm 103 Downs
Siqi HeSunday, 11am to Noon B111 Downs
Angad SinghSunday, 8pm to 9pm B111 Downs
Ryan YooFriday, 2pm to 3pm B111 Downs


J. E. Marsden, A. Tromba, Vector Calculus, 6th edition , W.H. Freeman

The class will be following the textbook quite closely, covering one chapter a week.


Course Policies

Late work will be accepted once a term without explanation. Anything beyond that needs a written note from the dean or the health center.

Grades are based on homework , the midterm and the final exam. Homework counts 50% towards the final grade, each exam 25%.


Assignments can be found as attachments below, with the due date in the title. They are due Mondays at 4pm in he boxes near Downs 113.

 Date PostedAssignment Due Date      Solutions
 April 1 Assignment 1 4pm, April 9 
 April 9 Assignment 2 4pm, April 16
 April 16     Assignment 3 4pm, April 23
 April 22 Assignment 4 4pm, April 30 
 May 8 Assignment 5 4pm, May 14 
 May 15 Assignment 6 4pm, May 21
 May 21 Assignment 7 4pm, May 29 (Tuesday)
 May 29 Assignment 8 4pm, June 5 (Tuesday) 

Midterm and Final Exam

The midterm is available here and is due Tue, May 8, 4pm.

Practice Problems and Answers to Practice Problems for final.

The final has a 4 hour time limit.  It is available here, and is due Wed, June 13, 2pm.

Collaboration Table
You may consult:  
Course textbook (including answers in the back)YESYES
Other booksYESNO
Solution manualsNONO
Your notes (taken in class)YESYES
Class notes of othersYESNO
Your hand copies of class notes of othersYESYES
Photocopies of class notes of othersYESNO
Electronic copies of class notes of othersYESNO
Course handoutsYESYES
Your returned homework / examsYESYES
Solutions to homework / exams (posted on webpage)YESYES
Homework / exams of previous yearsNONO
Solutions to homework / exams of previous yearsNONO
Emails from TAsYESNO
You may:

Discuss problems with othersYESNO
Look at communal materials while writing up solutionsYESNO
Look at individual written work of othersNONO
Post about problems onlineNONO
For computational aids, you may use:


* You may use a computer or calculator while doing the homework, but may not refer to this as justification for your work.  For example, "by Mathematica" is not an acceptable justification for deriving one equation from another.  Also, since computers and calculators will not be allowed on the exams, it's best not to get too dependent on them.

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