Number Theory

Course Description 

The course will follow the textbook with some extra material on zeta-functions and global fields of characteristic p at the end.  After an introduction on Diophantine equations and reciprocity laws we start with the systematic development:  Rings of integers in number fields, the discriminant, unique factorization, splitting of primes, the ideal class group and the unit group, the Dedekind zeta-function and the analytic class number formula, curves over finite fields.


Ma 120

Course Meeting Time and Location

Monday, Wednesday and Friday
2:00 - 2:55 pm
289 Linde

Course Instructor Contact Information and Office Hours

Ashay Burungale
258 Linde


There is no TA for this class.


Daniel A. Marcus, Number Fields, Corr. 3rd printing, Springer-Verlag 1977.  ISBN:  978-0-387-90279-1.

Course Policies

Grades will be based on homework.

Homework Policy
Homework is due Wednesdays at 2 PM in my mailbox or in class.  Please do not submit HW in the MA160 mailbox.

You are welcome to discuss solutions with other students and/or "learn" them from books or other sources, but you should write your own solutions with your own words. 


 Date PostedAssignment Due Date 

Midterm and Final Exam