Problem Solving in Vector Calculus

News and Announcements.

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Course Description and Grading Breakdown

I will post a syllabus and notes soon... Grades will be based on attendance. The first three classes attendance will be taken but not assessed towards the grade. If there is a clash with another class please contact Konrad ASAP.

Course Meeting Time and Location

Monday and Wednesday
7:30 - 8:55 pm
142 Keck Engineering Laboratory

Course Instructor Contact Information

111 Math Building (Building 15)

TA Contact Information

2-H Math Building (Building 15)

Course Schedule and Textbook

The main textbook that I will use is "div, grad, curl and all that - an informal text on vector calculus" 4th edition by HM Schey.

Course Policies

Standard Honor Code applies.


There are no assignments in this class.

Midterm and Final Exam

There are no exams in this class.