Abstract Algebra

Course Description and Grading Breakdown

Course Meeting Time and Location
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
8:45 - 9:40 am
104 Math Building (Building 15)

Course Instructor Contact Information and Office Hours
256 West Bridge

TA Contact Information and Office Hours
Head TA : Jize Yu
210 T, Building 15
Office Hour: 8-9:30 pm, 107 Downs, every odd numbered Saturday. 
Responsible for every odd-numbered homework

TA : Juhyun Kim
210K, Building 15
Office Hours: 2:00~3:30 p.m., 210K, Building 15, on every other Monday, starting from Oct. 9th (responsible for every even-numbered homework)

Course Schedule and Textbook

"Communtative Rings" by Matsumara
Alternatively, you could use "Commutative Algebra" by Atiyah and MacDonald as well as the relevant portion of "Algebra" by S. Lang
 Date Topic 

Course Policies
Late work - 

 Date Posted Assignment  Due Date  Solutions
 09/25/17 HW1 10/04/17 4 pm
 10/03/17 HW2
10/11/17 4 pm

 10/16/17 HW3 10/20/17 4 pm

 10/20/17 HW4 10/25/17 4 pm
 10/26/17HW511/01/17 4 pm

 11/13/17HW611/20/17 4 pm
 11/22/17HW711/29/17 4 pm
 12/01/17HW8 12/08/17 10 am

Midterm and Final Exam

Collaboration Table
  Homework Exams
You may consult:    
Course textbook (including answers in the back) YES YES
Other books YES NO
Solution manuals NO NO
Internet YES NO
Your notes (taken in class) YES YES
Class notes of others YES NO
Your hand copies of class notes of others YES YES
Photocopies of class notes of others YES NO
Electronic copies of class notes of others YES NO
Course handouts YES YES
Your returned homework / exams YES YES
Solutions to homework / exams (posted on webpage) YES YES
Homework / exams of previous years NO NO
Solutions to homework / exams of previous years NO NO
Emails from TAs YES NO
You may:

Discuss problems with others YES NO
Look at communal materials while writing up solutions YES NO
Look at individual written work of others NO NO
Post about problems online NO NO
For computational aids, you may use:

Calculators YES* NO
Computers YES* NO

* You may use a computer or calculator while doing the homework, but may not refer to this as justification for your work.  For example, "by Mathematica" is not an acceptable justification for deriving one equation from another.  Also, since computers and calculators will not be allowed on the exams, it's best not to get too dependent on them.

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