Máté Veres

I am a Teaching Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy, ELTE University and a research fellow at the Department of Philosophy, Central European University. I have held research and teaching positions at the University of Hamburg (in the framework of a DFG-funded research project) and at the University of Geneva (funded by the Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship program).

I received my PhD in Philosophy from the Central European University in December 2016. During my graduate studies, I was a Fulbright scholar at the Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell University, a visiting graduate student at the Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge, and a visiting junior fellow at the Institut für die Wissenschaften vom Menschen, Vienna. During and after my studies, I have published articles and reviews on Hellenistic philosophy, notably on Pyrrhonism and Epicureanism, translated various philosophical papers into Hungarian, and presented my work at a number of international conferences.

Publications (recent and forthcoming)

'Sextus Empiricus on religious dogmatism.' Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 58 (2020).

'Sextus Empiricus sur l'origine de la croyance religieuse.' In S. Giocanti and S. Marchand (eds.), Anthropologie sceptique et modernité. Lyon: Éditions ENS.

'How to resist musical dogmatism: The aim and methods of Pyrrhonean inquiry in Sextus Empiricus' Against the Musicologists (M VI).' In F. Pelosi and F.M. Petrucci (eds.), The Harmony of Reason: Music and Philosophy from the Early Imperial Age to Late Antiquity. (submitted)

'Theology, Innatism, and the Epicurean Self.' Ancient Philosophy 37 (2017), No. 1: 129-152.

'Uses and Misuses of the Common Concepts Strategy in Emperor Julian's Contra Galilaeos.' In M. Mitrea (ed.), Tradition and Transformation: Dissent and Consent in the Mediterranean. Third CEMS International Graduate Conference (Budapest, May 30 - June 1, 2013). Kiel: Solivagus Verlag, 2016, 40-55.

Work in progress

Book project: Sceptical argumentation and Hellenistic theology

(with David Machek) 'The Stoic idea of expert impressions'

'Lapsarian scepticism in Cicero’s De Natura Deorum'

'Sign and proof in Sextus Empiricus'

Philosophy’s happy escape?’ Ancient scepticism and the project of Hume’s Natural History of Religion