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'Babies Aloud' - What men need to know about postnatal depression, DVD: Developed by Jane Hanley

We know that fathers want to be included and involved with all aspects of the pregnancy and childbirth. When equipped with a sound knowledge of the expectations of this period, men have the ability to deal effectively with the transition to fatherhood.

In contrast, however, studies have found that men who were worried by the pregnancy, usually generated by a lack of information, had continued problems with their role as a parent and partner. Whereas the physiological impact of pregnancy and childbirth is often freely discussed between health professionals and fathers, there is little to suggest that men are always included in the discussions or teaching sessions about maternal mental health or the possibility of a depressive disorder occurring during the perinatal period.

The DVD has been produced by and copyrighted to the Marcé Society and Swansea University to help health professionals and educators convey the effects of postnatal depression, paternal perspectives and the impact on child development. It is available on the Amazon website:


The proceeds of the sales will go directly to the Marcé Society, and are intended to fund future research projects into perinatal mental health. Thank you!

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Young Fathers can also get postpartum depression

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