Please read, sign, and share this petition to have the Ministry of Health add the "EPDS Screen & Care Guide" to the electronic Prenatal Checklist for Doctors and Obstetricians to complete before a pregnant mother leaves his/her  office!

It is our goal to collect 5,000 signatures to present to the Minister of Health, in Regina, during the first ever "World Maternal Mental Health Day" on Wednesday, May 4!!  

Help us achieve this request by SIGNING & SHARING the petition with your Saskatchewan family and friends.  YOUR SIGNATURE can make a positive difference for the emotional wellbeing of our mothers and their babies!  

Here is the link to share by email or any social media platform of your choice  https://www.change.org/p/saskatchewan-ministry-of-health-needed-maternal-mental-health-for-saskatchewan-pregnant-women !!

Thank you for your heartfelt care and action for our mothers, babies, and families!!

Elita Paterson
Public Representative for SK families
co-Author of The Smiling Mask: Truths about Postpartum Depression and Parenthood