Are you enjoying pregnancy? 
Is life with your new baby happy?
If you answered “no” to either of these questions you might be depressed. You are not alone. One in 5 women experience depression in pregnancy or postpartum.

If mom is depressed…
  • Partners are twice as likely to be depressed
  • Babies are more likely to be born too early
  • Babies are breastfed less
  • Mother and baby may not bond as well
  • Children may have more health and behaviour problems 
If you think you might be depressed…help is available!
  • Screen yourself and then refer your score and the Care Guide to your health care provider.
  • Talk to someone - your doctor, nurse, midwife, husband, friend, sister, support worker, etc.
  • Also, refer to Where to get help your Region and the Resources pages for more information and support.
If you need immediate help please call the Saskatchewan Healthline at 811.