As a PREGNANT or POSTPARTUM woman, are you feeling depressed and/or anxious? 

By answering the 10 questions provided in the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Screen (EPDS), below, you will receive an answer to this question.  Afterward, share your score and the Care Guide with your health care provider so, together, you may work toward yours and your child's mental health and happiness.

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As a HEALTH CARE PROVIDER, do you deal with with PREGNANT and/or POSTPARTUM women?

If so, please use the below attached screen to screen EACH and EVERY pregnant and postpartum woman for their emotional and mental well-being and then refer to the Care Guide to learn what to do next

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A link to the EPDS in several languages.

John Cox’s book, "Perinatal Mental Health" also has numerous translated
versions and guidelines for use.

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--   A quick and easy way to determine women at risk.
--   Helps to reduce stigma of mental health problems.
--   The Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale (EPDS) can be done in-person or over the phone.
--   The EPDS can also be used with partners.

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"Download" versus "View"ing the WORD version if you want to add you local resource numbers.  Print the PDF version if you just want a copy.

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To learn more on "how to" screen, click here for a DVD created with Dr. Angela Bowen!

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