> December 10, 2012

Dr. Angela Bowen and Elita Paterson met with the new Minister of Health, Honourable Dustin Duncan, and his new Chief of Staff, Brenda Barootes, on Monday, December 10th, 2012. 

Angela and Elita familiarized the Minister and Chief of Staff with the committee's work, and afterward, they had lots of good questions. Emphasis was placed on the need for universal screening, more services, and accountability of the regions to be implementing the strategy, specific to British Columbia where there is a reporting by regions of actions towards their recommendations.

Minister Duncan and Chief of Staff, Barootes, assigned Terry Gudmundson to the project, Special Advisor to the Deputy Minister, whose responsibilities include integrating mental health into primary health services.  Terry looks forward to the opportunity to meet with the committee, on January 8th via Webex, to establish greater understanding of our work and the MotherFirst report recommendations and how the Government's focus on mental health is able to align to support stakeholders, health providers, regions and patients in addressing these needs.

Both women felt optimistic about the meeting and hopeful that 2013 will reflect our government's concern for the mental health of our new families.


Terry Gudmundson attended the Webex meeting on Tuesday, January 8th to recommend that Angela send our resources to the assigned consultant who will be working with the eight identified innovation sites within the province assessing patient quantity analysis within the Primary Care Health framework. 

The consultant and provincial team will be reviewing the client base that they serve and learning what the most pressing needs in that population are and determining the priorities.  Maternal Mental Health (MMH) will be flagged when the early February visits begin and may be included into their planning, immediately. 

Perfect timing!