INTRODUCTION (read this first)

Folks/ People/ Guys:

When you are assigned any homework that requires you to go online (meaning the internet), then this is the place to come to first. It is your responsibility to explore all the pages here so that you will know exactly where the different materials are located.

By the way, have you ever heard of Khan Academy? If not, then click on the tab above and explore that site to see if they have any video lessons that can be of help to you in this course, as well as in your other courses. They have hundreds upon hundreds of video lessons on a range of academic subjects--from calculus to history. Yes. Their lessons are 100% free to access. So, what is there not to like (assuming you came here to learn and succeed)? Also check out the knowledge engine by WolframAlpha (click on the tab above), and Crash Course (click on the tab above).