Call for papers and sessions

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Dear Colleague,

On behalf of the Material and Consumer Culture Network we invite proposals for papers and sessions for the 9th European Social Science History Conference to be held at in Glasgow, Scotland, UK, 11-14 April 2012.

The Material and Consumer Culture Network will host 10 sessions of four papers each. We welcome proposals for both single papers as well as entire sessions. Whilst every effort will be made to maintain the integrity of entire sessions, it may at times be necessary to switch papers. In this event the organisers will try to reach a viable compromise with the proposer.

To facilitate the matching process, we ask that all proposals indicate the research methods and conceptual frameworks employed in the work; this will give us scope for sessions organised around methodology, theory as well as content.

Network chairs and communication

Please direct enquiries to both network chairs to ensure the fastest possible response.

Harm Nijboer (University of Amsterdam/NL)
Karin Dannehl (University of Wolverhampton/UK)

Thematic scope of papers and sessions

The Material and Consumer Culture Network was established as a seperate conference network at the 7th ESSHC in Lisbon 2008. At that time there was a growing number of papers submitted to the conference that were dealing with topics like design history, consumerism, museology and material culture. Papers dealing with these topics also tended to transcend the traditional fields of economic, social and cultural history which made it difficult to assign them to one of the existing networks. As a result, the Material and Consumer Culture Network was established to provide a platform at the ESSHC for historians and social scientists working in these fields. 

At the previous conferences a number of topics were identified as being of potential interest:
  • the performativity of objects and technologies
  • museology and material culture
  • the early modern consumer (r)evolution
  • brand culture
  • the concept of cultural capital and its application in historiography
  • material culture and global networks
  • design history
  • art and economy
  • the cultural construction of value
This list is neither exhaustive nor exclusive. Please treat it as a starting point for developing your own ideas for a paper or session proposal. For further inspiration you can also take a look at the sessions organized at previous conferences:

Proposed sessions

The following sessions have been proposed already:

Submissions and submission deadline

Please submit your paper proposal via the conference website by the deadline of 1 May 2011.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Karin Dannehl and Harm Nijboer