PortalStick Demonstration Course

PortalStick Demonstration course is little course build by me (matejdro) and CuteLord to demonstrate new features of PortalStick after each update. Course is being expanded each time we release new update, since there are always some new features to show.

Normally, you would be watching this from a video, but why don't you rather try it yourself and see if you can figure out new features?

Instructions to install:
  • Create Bukkit Server.
  • Install PortalStick plugin. Do not change any configuration files (this course is meant to be run on default settings).
  • Download and extract included grills file into plugins\PortalStick folder. This will activate Aperture Science Material Emancipation Grills.
  • Download map from attachments bellow
Instructions to play:
  • You will spawn near first chamber. Look for snow platform in the water. There is a ladder here to enter course.
  • You are not allow to break any blocks except for TNT (when igniting it) and torch.
  • When new version comes out, you don't have to delete your player file, since map continues from last ending point. Just replace map files.
Parts of the map: (in format: X, Y, Z)
  • Beginning (near spawn): 308, 63, 61
  • 2.0 update: 311, 3, -13
  • 2.2 update: 245, 23, -13
  • 2.3 update: 379, 66, -60

Have fun!
Matej Drobnič,
Jun 10, 2011, 8:01 AM
Matej Drobnič,
Jun 20, 2011, 3:46 AM