Dating websites have definitely made finding love on the Internet simpler. At the same time, the sheer numbers of these dating websites almost confuse internet surfers in locating the ideal one. Dating enthusiasts are finding it increasingly difficult to decide which website to trust for their perfect partners. Both Match.com and Okcupid have become very popular as online destinations for people keen to find partners of their choice based on certain criteria. Incidentally, while Match.com is ideally suited for people keen to expand their social circles, Okcupid is better suited for people who do not take dating too seriously. Moreover, Okcupid allows the viewer to enjoy its services free of charges and this advantage has drawn more and more people to it.

Match.com vs Okcupid: A Comparative Analysis:

Membership Structure: Match.com has been there for many years now and caters to a relatively large clientele. The website offers multiple formats that can help you find a partner of your choice. New members can start browsing through profiles free of cost, taking advantage of a free trial period offered by the website. Match.com follows a traditional model that allows members to search for others’ profiles and get in touch with them. Over the years, some modern features have been incorporated to upgrade the user experience. Members can now undertake a personality test in order to find out more about one another. They can also create a customized quiz to start a conversation with prospective matches. Being available in as many as 24 nations and in 15 languages, this website caters to people seeking both serious and casual relationships on the Internet. Okcupid in comparison is new and yet to make its presence completely felt in the dating world.

Membership costs: When you start paying for your membership at Match.com, you can enjoy greater interaction with fellow members on the site. You can contact people whose profiles interest you. Match.com charges members rather affordable rates, about $19.99 per month. It also provides a unique guarantee whereby you have to pay fees for 6 months in advance and the subsequent 6 months are free of cost in case you have not been able to find your perfect match during this time. Since Okcupid allows viewers to browse their site free of charges, they are forced to see advertisements on the site at all times. When you are a paid member at the website, you can enjoy an ad-free experience. These paid members also enjoy better mail storage facilities, advanced search features, freedom to edit names without having to create new accounts and customized search results.

User-friendly: In Match.com, you can start interacting with fellow members on the site once you have started paying a subscription there. In Okcupid, joining is free and you can answer questionnaires designed to help you find the best partner. The website makes use of an algorithm that takes into account members’ responses to identify the most compatible partners.

Appeal: Match.com organizes social events to enable members to meet and interact with each other. This face-to-face meeting is useful for people who are interested in both serious and casual dating.  When you are stuck with a writer’s block, Match.com provides a ProfilePro service. This additional feature benefits the members who can now get dating advice from experts on the site. Okcupid is relatively recent and its member base is gradually expanding. It helps members find partners on the basis of questionnaires they have filled out. Members are also free to chat and send emails or even arrange for blind dates.

Suitability: Match.com is better suited for those who wish to find partners of their choice and engage in a serious or informal relationship with them but Okcupid has a more open and informal user interface.

Match-up Process: Match.com will only send you matches based on your profile and provide you with customized search options. It will also put together interesting live events to help you interact with your potential partners. So members who seek all kinds of relationships, both committed and casual can benefit from Match.com. The match-up process in Okcupid is fun-filled with creative questionnaires and adequate search features. Okcupid improves your chances of getting a suitable partner through a fun process. It is meant for individuals who love social networking and are keen to meet new people only.

Screening: Match.com will screen the candidates for you before sending you their contact links, but in Okcupid, you are responsible for screening the potential matches. Since the website does not charge membership fees, they may be used by scam artists and dishonest people.

Privacy: When you are a paid user on Match.com, you are free to view photos that are posted on profiles of other paid members. You can send unlimited emails to people who interest you or view names of those who have seen your profile. You get a dedicated Match.com address which allows you to continue communicating with other members privately and discreetly. To protect privacy, the premium members can now use the MatchPhone services which are a far secure alternative to regular phone calls. The MatchPhone will allow you to text or talk from your own cell phone anonymously. It will generate a new phone number forwarded to your phone and this is the number which will get displayed on the Caller ID of the person you are calling. In comparison, nearly 7 million users in Okcupid trust this site with their personal details. But like other free dating websites, Okcupid sells this data to advertisers. So, your personal information is definitely not secure or private on Okcupid. Moreover, since Okcupid does not support HTTPS (which is a web encryption that ensures that data sent or received is in encrypted form and not plain text), any person on the wireless network can read an Okcupid email or view a page, read messages on chats, get profile information etc.

Final verdict

The above discussion gives a fair insight into the points of difference between the two leading dating websites, Match.com and Okcupid. For those who are not averse to spending some money to get quality partners, Match.com iscertainly the most reliable and effective dating website. But if you are only looking for some fun through a dating website, Okcupid may satisfy your interests; you will however be prone to scammers on this site.