Vs eHarmony
For people who are keen to find love online, both and eHarmony can be of help. These websites have been the pioneers of online dating because they have always taken matchmaking for their members seriously. Both these websites have catered to clients with different interests and preferences and revolutionized the world of dating through their earnest efforts. Incidentally, when you are trying to find the perfect match online for the first time, it may be a good idea to visit eHarmony because it lets you set up communication with people you are interested in. For those who may not be able to go long distances to meet their preferred contacts, is more useful because it sets up a more open communication that lets you reach out to whoever you want. Although many of us are keen to know which dating website is more effective than the other, the truth is there can be no definite answer to this. You can analyze their features, advantages and drawbacks and then make a choice depending on the kind of dating experience you prefer. vs eHarmony- A Comparative Analysis

Structure: As far as the website layout is concerned, appears to have a more user-friendly appearance compared to eHarmony that has a more clinical look. has been active for many years now having been founded in 1995. However, eHarmony is comparatively recent, having been set up in 2000 in the United States and have been active in the United Kingdom since 2008.

Search: boasts of an elaborate search system that is user-friendly; users can filter their search options easily using many convenient options provided in the website. Therefore, in, you will be able to locate people whose profiles interest you and those who are on the lookout for someone like you. However, eHarmony has a slightly distinct search mechanism; browsing freedom is relatively limited on this dating website. It will choose profiles that are best suited for you on the basis of the data you have provided in your own profile description and the personality test. In, there are separate questionnaires to keep a record of the differences in cultures and populations. Members are expected to complete the elaborate questionnaire which has been prepared after many years of research and based on clinical psychology experiences.
Profile Creations: You can create basic profiles on that appear straightforward, having only standard fields. eHarmony in contrast offers members elaborate questionnaires that are quite unique and completely distinct from what you may expect to find in regular online dating websites. In this website, members have to tick on various boxes because eHarmony focuses on different dimensions and personality traits of individuals. The focus in is more on the members’ interests while in eHarmony, the focus is more on analyzing the character traits. This makes the approach of more straightforward and forthright and less complicated.

Operation: While will encourage you to interact with other fellow members on their site, eHarmony will only send you links of those people who it feels are best suited for you. So, lets you follow a simple process of getting the best match through browsing profiles of other members on that site but in eHarmony, the browsing is far restricted.

Communications: allows its members to benefit from an open communication system whereby the member can reach out to whoever he or she wishes to. In eHarmony, communication is more controlled because users have to go through a step-by-step process that is designed to guarantee quality matches.

Costs: The dating charges in are quite affordable, amounting to approximately $19.99 per month. Dating expenses are higher in eHarmony, amounting to about $39.95 per month. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why more and more people opt for in place of eHarmony.

Bonus features: Users can enjoy many additional features or bonus offers when they sign up with However, to avail of any additional feature in eHarmony, members will have to shell out extra money.

These are some important points of difference between and eHarmony. You will find that both these dating websites have their advantages and disadvantages. You should make a choice after carefully reviewing these in both the sites.

Tip to decide your choice of service
When you are more serious about a long term or permanent relationship with someone who is compatible with you mentally, you should seek help from eHarmony. However, for those of you who wish to expand your social network or wish to interact with more numbers of people to understand which qualities in them appeal to you, is better suited. So, the extrovert individual or the explorer and adventurous type of person will prefer while those who are in a hurry to find true love and a compatible partner will stick to eHarmony to get a partner faster.

Since encourages free interaction amongst people, it is more informal and you can end up making friends with many new people and broadening your horizons. Through such informal interactions you will also gradually figure out what kinds of personality traits and qualities you like in others. This in turn will provide you with a better understanding of your perfect match for the future. However, eHarmony sends only those links to members which they consider are best suited for them. Their approach is therefore more business-like and solemn; there is no free interaction or mixing up amongst members.

Final verdict

With eHarmony, you are likely to find a partner who will be able to relate to you on a psychological level. Also, if your time is less and you have always found it hard to strike up a conversation with anyone, eHarmony may be just what you need. Your choiceof a dating website in the end depends completely on what you want to achieve through this effort. is basic where communication is concerned and this makes it a hands-on site; you do all the work here and get to experience the fun too.