A Discovery Network was formed to develop the Matchmaking Device System  

Discovery Network is a diverse semi-open for-profit collaborative network of individuals and organizations coordinating their efforts to put the Matchmaking Device System on the market. YOU CAN JOIN THIS NETWORK!

 This is the most revolutionary matchmaking gadget! 

For only 2$ apiece, this electronic device is able to match two individuals according to their interests, and yet it is as smart as any matchmaking system the Internet has ever known!

This device is entirely compatible with any matchmaking systems out there! This new invention combines wireless technology and Internet into a very low-cost device, and enables individuals in densely populated resorts, at large gatherings, in nightclubs, in densely populated urban settings, etc., to be aware of nearby individuals sharing similar interests, and to decide to meet them based on their compatibility level.

Why would a networking company adopt this Matchmaking Device System? 

@ To intensify members’ activity

@ To increase conversion

@ To improve retention and reduce churn

@  To enhance the networking experience

@ To attract third party business 

The Matchmaking Device has the potential to make giant waves and to become the “coolest” social interaction gadget. Think about Lovegety introduced in Japan that was even covered by the CNN. Our invention is much more potent than Lovegety, and yet, it relies on very basic technology. A very low cost matchmaking device, a product of great engineering finesses that meets the next wave in the networking industry, the merger between online services with traditional in-person matchmaking, and live event organizing.