Twenty Questions with...... 

Katy Foley

Today we visit Katy Foley - actress, comedian, voice over artist, and we will talk to her on her latest projects.

Katy, thanks for your time!

Matchflick:  Katy, “1,000 Ways to Die” is one of my personal guilty pleasures.  What episode were you featured in?

Katy:  “Clay Achin'”

Editor’s backstory reference:  

“Clay Achin'”-

A couple of stoners, Joe and Charlie, created a bong out of clay, the Claymaker 420. Other than using weed and smoke, they used flavor disks; chopped bacon, coffee-dipped paper, orange peels, any flavor. After they finished their creation, all they had to do was to bake it into a kiln. Their friend (Katy) had one in her backyard, and she put the bong in the kiln. After she turned on the propane, all three of them do crack. Over time, Joe and Charlie went to see how the kiln was doing. After noticing that the kiln flame was out, all they had to do was to light a match to warm it up. Instead, the lit up match turns the bong into a bomb, and turns the clay into deadly shrapnel, and the resulting explosion kills the two stoners. Their friend was not only shocked and a little scared, but also a little bummed.

Matchflick:  You list voice acting in your resume.  What is the attraction to that kind of role, since you are never seen on screen?

Katy:  I've got a great face for radio?? No, I love doing VoiceOver. The microphone allows you to take some performance risks that the camera would never allow.

Matchflick:  What kind of characters do you gravitate to?

Katy:  Ones that call for physical comedy. Lucille Ball has been a great influence on me and my work.


Matchflick:  You also have listed in your skills as comedian.  Is this as actress or have you done stand-up?  

Katy:  Actress. Although doing stand up is definitely on my bucket list.

Matchflick:  Explain your Karl's Jr “commercial.”  

Katy:  There have been far too many commercials about hot girls pretending to eat food they'd never touch.  My commercial explores what would happen if one of these starved, deprived models actually did eat the fast food she's trying to  sell. And it's not pretty :)


Matchflick:  Okay, let’s talk about your latest project DITCH.  What’s the premise of the movie?

Katy:  A high school girl, Jenny gets into a drunk driving accident that kills a family. The incident is covered up though from everyone by her detective Father to protect her innocence. A year later, while her parents are away on vacation, Jenny's boyfriend convinces her to throw a "Ditch" party. Jenny invites all of her friends. But unbeknownst to her the father who survived the accident invites himself to seek vengeance on Jenny and everyone she knows.


:  What is your part in the movie?

Katy:  I play Jenny, an innately good girl who must inevitably suffer the consequences of her and her father's mistakes.

Matchflick:  Do you have a personal connection with the premise?  Did you ever ditch school?  

Katy:  Hah. I did all the time. Although my parents were supportive of my ditches: one time my Dad took me out of school to go see the Van Gogh exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. “Starry Night” is my favorite painting.

Matchflick:  On a gore scale of one being HALLOWEEN and ten being DAY of the DEAD, where does DITCH fit in?

Katy:  8.5

Matchflick:  Working with Horror Icon Bill Oberst, Jr. has got to be an experience.  Did he scare you onscreen?

Katy:  Yes. When the cameras are rolling, Bill is on. There's no acting required.

Breathe, life is too short to not take it all in.  

Matchflick:  Would you like to be considered a Scream Queen, at least in this movie?
Yes! I've been watching horror movies since I was a little girl. I've been prepping for this role my entire life by screaming every day. It's done a number on my voice.

Matchflick:  Your resume lists several athletic skills.  Did that factor into your performance?

Katy:  Yes, I recently started kickboxing and my newly acquired self defense skills definitely saved me from Bill!  

Okay - let’s do my Lightning Round:

Matchflick:  Movie that inspired you to pursue acting:

Katy:  BATMAN RETURNS, namely Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman.

Matchflick:  Role models in the Entertainment Industry:

Katy:  Lucille Ball, Helen Hunt, Chris Rock, Jennifer Aniston, Cate Blanchett, Conan O'Brien, Kristen Wiig, Eddie Murphy, Zach Galifianakis, Eminem, and 2Pac

Matchflick:  Dream Role, past, present or future:

Katy:  Martha from WHO'S AFRAID of VIRGINIA WOOLF.

Matchflick:  THE Dream Movie that you would kill to do.

Katy:  I wish I got to work on an amazing comedy like SOMETHING ABOUT MARY.

Matchflick:  Any aspirations to work behind

the camera?

Katy:  I already do! I produce and write my own sketches on my youtube channel ktdidwhatnow. My next goal is to start directing.

Matchflick:  A fun question I like to ask is who would you like to play

YOU in your bio-pic.  Since this might be a little ways down the pike, you can choose a contemporary actress. 

Katy:  Zach Galifianakis. 

What’s next for Katy Foley?

Katy:  Maybe shooting a movie abroad.

Matchflick:  And finally, you now have stage where the world is listening to you.  What would you say to themselves?

Katy:  Breathe, life is too short to not take it all in.  

Katy Foley will be seen in the Joe Hendrick-directed horror film, DITCH, coming in 2013.  LIKE her on her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter at ktdidwhatnow and her webpage.

Mike Thomas is the Senior New Editor for Matchflick.com