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Local Social Work Research - Invitations to Social Workers to Participate

posted Oct 9, 2010, 12:52 PM by Clayton Mercieca   [ updated Oct 9, 2010, 12:54 PM by Maltese Association of Social Workers ]
10 October 2010
Consent Participation Information Letter
Dear Participant,
I thank the Malta Association of Social Workers (MASW) for accepting to participate in my research by approving to forward this letter including an online questionnaire to you. I highly appreciate your participation in this research on ‘How Does Workplace Learning Contribute to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) - The perception of social workers in social care organisation in Malta’. I am undertaking this project as a part of an MSc degree which I am studying with University of Leicester.
The project I am working on is to explore if workplace can be a tool for learning and thus contribute to CPD. The focus of the research is to identify the perception of this notion by Social Workers employed within a social care organisation. While explore how such a concept can be quantified and qualified to lead to this mentioned concept. You have been selected because I trust you are a good candidate to provide reliable and useful information about how you perceive at your workplace experiences and practices. Also you are employed with a developing organisation involved in social care services on the island. Hence, sharing with me your personal feelings and thought on this concept can augur and might forth a beneficial stance in the future not just personally to you but to the organisation as well. It might also be a stance to enrich and uplift even further the Profession of Social Work in our country. Therefore as you are aware your participation is highly important as it is an interest to us all.
An e-survey is the method used. The filling of the questionnaire take approx 30-40 minutes. However it is not obligatory and you can withdraw from the study and any time.
All data gathered will be dealt with strict confidence and it is for the purpose of my MSc dissertation. Your own data will be completely anonymous and unidentifiable once you submit your questionnaire the information will enter directly into the automated data processing system.
On completion of the project a copy of the dissertation will be forwarded to the MASW for its’ members perusal.
If you are interested to participate please follow the questionnaire in this link: “”. It is highly appreciated if your response will be received within a week from date of receiving this email.
Once again thank you for your participation.
Myriam Rose Grech