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  IO, Game Theory, Politico-Economy


working papers

A Complete Characterization of Col Blotto Equilibrium

(with Scott Macdonell)

Revise and Resubmit at Economic Theory

characterizes the complete set of equilibria to the Col Blotto game

proves the completeness of the characterization

applies the equilibria characterization algorithm to previously unsolved Col Blotto variations

Campaign Expenditures, Bids in an Auction

models candidates' campaign expenditures as bids earning a fraction of swing voters via advertising

solves the continuous mixed-nash equilibrium expenditure strategies

uses the predicted expenditure distribution moments and FEC data to estimate object value, a US House Seat

The Vote Production Function:

BLP Estimation of Incumbency, Partisanship, and Expenditures on Vote Shares

(with Kyle Kretschman)

BLP discrete demand parameter estimation for voters choosing candidates

uses district-level voter partisan registrations as source of discrete voter heterogeneity

allows testing of common "vote production function" assumptions from reduced-form literature



Planned Future Research



Macro, Political-Micro

Real Government Cycles

Analysis of Income Distribution and Tax & Transfer Dynamics

does there exist an income distribution and tax & transfer steady state?

if so, is it stable and are we heading towards or away from it?

do there exist 2+ period cyclical equilibria?

if so, might we be caught in one?


IO, Econometrics

Continuous Mixed-Nash Estimation:

Rigorously Testing Predictions in Models with Continuous Mixed Strategy Equilibrium


Testing Sufficient Moments in Finite-Moment Continuous Distribution Strategies

Applying the Kolmogorov-Smirnov Estimator For General Mixed Strategies


International Finance, Econometrics

Private Information Frictions in International Financial Markets


 quantify magnitude of moral hazard and adverse selection using financial positions

estimate a system of simultaneous equations model as in Chiappori Salanie 03


Macro, International Finance, Diff Eqns 

Method of Variation of Parameters:

Analyzing Growth Paths for Emerging Nations Not Yet at Steady State


  Christiano's method mostly suited for analyzing growth paths of nations near steady state

linearizing and using method of undetermined coefficients not precise for emerging economies

method of variation of parameters is general for difference/differential equations



Macro, Politico-Micro

 Tax & Transfer Treaties:

The Outcomes of Political Proxy Wars Over Redistribution

individual incomes (relative to the mean) imply apathy or contributions for or against redistribution

parties aggregate resources of those sharing redistribution positions

parties battle financially via advertising over previously apathetic pivotal swing voters

altogether, first 3 central moments of income distribution explain bulk of tax & transfer progressivity


original dissertation materials

Dissertation Abstract


dissertation slides:



Paper 1:  IO, Game Theory, Politico-Economy, Econometrics


Campaign Expenditures, Bids in an All-Pay Auction

A Finance Augmented Median-Voter-Model


simplified theory, with empirical analysis


Paper 2: Politico-Economy, IO, Econometrics

The Vote Production Function:

BLP Estimation of Incumbency, Partisanship, and Expenditures on Vote Shares  



 Paper 3: Game Theory

Waging Simple Wars:

A Complete Characterization of Col Blotto Equilibrium



Stuff From Class


Public Finance II

Consumption Price Elasticities with Impact on Optimal Commodity Taxation

Heterogenous Demand Patterns (pdf)

Calculation of Labor Supply Elasticities for Different Demographics with Impact on Payroll Taxation


Overview of Deaton's Research on the Relationship Between Income Inequality and Health Inequality


Analysis of the Progressivity of Different Components of US Tax and Transfer System


Impact of Tax Reform Act of 1986 on Labor Supply of Married Women


Use of Synthetic Cohorts to Test Permanent Income Hypothesis and Need for Social Security

Do US Citizens of Different Demographics All Properly Save and Consumption Smooth?


The only period that appears that US Citizens Don't Adequately Save for is Early Retirement

Incorporating value of leisure we revisit this stage and whether it justifies the Social Security Program

Last, we compare the welfare benefits of helping smooth over this stage and other events like illness


Estimate magnitude of Private Information Frictions in Medicaid and Medicare

Simultaneous Equations Model Yielding degree of Moral Hazard and Adverse Selection



Advanced Micro


from Mechanism Design





 Econometrics III





 Econometrics Seminar






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Partisan Campaign Contributions 




2YP rough draft