Note:Shipping Charges(both Up and Down) and Specified Amount to Be payed.

Hi brothers,i am Sundili Residing in India!!!

   I know that people owning an official PSP(a psp with official firmware) find it very costly to pay around1500-2000 rupees for a single UMD(game).And its natural to get bored of it within a month.

           But there is a way where u can play full version games downloaded from sites like torrentz, mininova(ISO/CSO),n run Homebrew applications like UMD Dumper(it copies the complete UMD content to your memory stick)and run loads of emulators for the PSP to play games of PS1,Gameboy,DS,SNES,etc, and do much more with your PSP.

           For that,you have to convert your sony firmware(system software of your PSP) into a CFW(custom firmware).i'm warning you guys, this is a very intense and a complicated process and too risky to try it out might end up bricking the PSP n loosing it for good.

            So approching me regarding this conversion would be a Safe way to test your PSP to its limit!!!!.So any one interested can feel free to consult me by just sending me a mail.And i guarentee u for sure that no harm is imposed on your PSP.I Accept ANY PSP with ANY FIRMWARE!!.And MY Residence is in InKARNATAKA-BANGALORE .To know the Area and the exact location please mail me with the details of your PSP [ie., FAT/SLIM---Firmware of your PSP---NAME] And  all this for just Rs 500/-!!!!!