Tournament Info.

Future Event Dates & Location:
 Event  Date  Location
 Master Trek CXXXI Saterday, June 2nd, 2018 Middle School

Open Section Lower Section A,B,C etc.
Ratings Sections formed based upon distribution of ratings. Most recent ratings are used for pairing purposes. K-12 players should have USCF rating >1300  Players with USCF rating <1400. Grouped according to most recent ratings, with group size 4 to >12.
Prizes 80% returned in cash prizes. Trophies, Ribbons and other chess prizes.
Schedule (Round Time) 9:30 am- 12:00 pm- 2:15 pm- 1st round 8:30 am Then following rounds begin as soon as all games in a given section conclude.  We play as many rounds as possible ending around noon. Top 2 sections or so sometimes go past.  Goal is to get players as many rated games as possible for their improvement.
Time Controls G/60;d5
A, B sections: G/40;d5      
Lower Sections: G/30;d5
Entry Fees $25   $26 via Paypal to *$35 if not pre-registered (10 pm the day before the event) $20 $21 via Paypal to *$30 if not pre-registered (10 pm the day before the event)
Late Entries  Onsite entries after 9:15 am are subject to first round byes. Onsite entries after 8:00 am are subject to first round byes. 

USCF membership is required of all players.
Any number of rounds are fine. If requesting byes will not be placed in quad formats.
Snail Mail: 611 LongLeaf Drive Chapel Hill, NC27517  
In case you can not attend, please call my cell by 8 am on the day of event that you are not paired.  

Bagels, snacks and drinks available on site.
Email: C: 919-389-4012