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Application Deadlines (Academic Year 2018/2019):
  • Evaluation for pre-admission: 4th June 2018 (all students holding a foreign degree)
  • Scholarships for non-EU citizens holding a foreign degree living abroad: 10th April 2018
The 2-year (120 ECTS) Master's program in Linguistics prepares graduates capable of making the most of metalinguistic analysis in research, teaching and further applications concerning socially relevant linguistic issues such as, for example: (a)typical language development, multilingualism in society, and analytical assessment of linguistic documents. This objective will be achieved by way of: a) in-depth study of advanced and up-to-date theories and methodologies in the domain of general and historical linguistics; b) the application of these theories to specific (socio-)linguistic situations in modern and ancient languages, both in Italy and other European countries. The focus is on: language structures and meanings, language learning and teaching (especially applied to L2 Italian), typical and atypical language development, experimental psycholinguistics, analytical assessment of linguistic documents, comparative and diachronic analysis of ancient texts.