Sunday 27th May 2018
National Water Sports Centre
Six lanes, 1000m course

NOTE: we expect the regatta to go ahead as planned
Ideal preparation for the BR Masters Championship

Events offered

   1x2- 2x 4- 4x- 4x+ 4+8+  8x+
 Masters Championship x x x x x  x 
  Non-Championship x  x  x  x x 
 Mixed Championship    x  x  x x 
  Non-Championship   x      
 Senior Banded by CRI x x x x x  x x 
 Junior J17, J18 x x x x x  x x 
  J16 x  x  x  x x 
  J12, J13, J14, J15 x  x   x   x

Schedule of events

To alleviate scheduling difficulties we may be able to spread out the Masters races by inserting Junior and Senior races that follow on from the Masters boat type. Please make copious notes in BROE on any doubling and/or boat sharing and we will try our best to accommodate you.

Masters, Senior and Junior events will be rowed in the following order. Events not listed will be incorporated to suit competitors as far as is practicable.

 Mas.1x 16..  J18.2x 31.. Mas.NC.4+  46.. J17.4- .. 
 2 J18.1x  17 J17.2x 32 Ch.4+ 47 Ch.4-  
 3 J17.1x 18 J16.2x 33 Mas.4x- 48 Mas.8+  
 4 J16.1x 19 Mas.NC.2x  34 J18.4x- 49 J18.8+   
 5 Mas.NC.1x 20 Ch.2x 35 J17.4x- 50 J17.8+  
 6 Ch.1x 21 Mas.Mx.2x 36 J16.4x- 51 J16.8+   
 7 J15.1x 22 J15.2x 37 Mas.NC.4x- 52 Mas.NC.8+   
 8 J14.1x 23 J14.2x 38Ch.4x- 53Ch.8+  
 9 J13.1x 24 J13.2x 39 Mas.Mx.4x- 54 Mas.Mx.8+  
 10 J12.1x 25 J12.2x 40 J15.4x+ 55J15.8x+  
 11 Mas.2- 26 Mas.Mx.NC.2x  41 J14.4x+ 56J14.8x+  
 12 J18.2- 27 Mas.4+  42 J13.4x+ 57J13.8x+  
 13 J17.2- 28 J18.4+ 43 J12.4x+ 58J12.8x+  
 14 Ch.2- 29 J17.4+ 44 Mas.4- 59    
 15 Mas.2x 30 J16.4+ 45 J18.4- 60  

(1) 'Masters'  includes all categories from A to K, to be combined as necessary.
(2) 'Masters Non-Championship' will be moved to championship if no competition.
(3) Grand finals will be slotted in as appropriate.

Entry fees

Eights £128, Fours/Quads £68, Pairs/Doubles £38, Singles £21

Close of entries

Entries close at 6pm on Wednesday 16th May 2018
Draw at noon on Sunday 20th May in Nottingham Rowing Club