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Welcome to the personal page of Alexei Masterov, inventor, innovator, and thought leader in technology. Here is my personal introduction:

I worked and traveled in over 30 countries. My life is all about adventure. I am free spirited and well-balanced person, an independent thinker, and I possess great wisdom that allows me to bring even the most unusual ideas to life.

People see me as honest and trustworthy, and many turn to me for advice. I am a leader by nature. I am able to find solutions to toughest problems, even when it seems impossible, and resolve hardest of situations.

My secret is simple. I accept life and all it's puzzles the way it really is. "When you surf you learn not to fight the power of nature, even if it gets violent" (Murakami Haruki - Kafka on the Shore)

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Skype: master_ov

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