Save Environment to Save Our Future

Save Environment, Save Ourselves

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Owner: Saurabh Sawant

Ideas : Anahita Sawant

Forgive me, but I like to breathe. I'm terminally attached to glutting myself with that particular mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen, argon, neon and other gases all in certain prescribed amounts that clearly make or break one's daily grind here on this earthly plane of existence.
Because I believe I can save my lungs and continue to live here, we are starting a group to promote climate protection. Please join us.

Slowing global warming is not something we can leave to others, and we are running out of time. We are here to acknowledge the threat of climate change and pledge to take prompt action to reduce the causes of climate change.

We don't have long to act. Most scientists predict irreversible damage if we do not take strong global action within the next ten years. The most dire effects will not occur in our lifetime, but we are responsible now for future generations.

So, if you are concerned about it please join us:

Community description:
A community for all of us who really care about our surroundings, environment and nature. While man is conquering the whole world with inventions and discoveries in the realm of science & technology, he still cannot create the simple life support systems like sunshine, oxygen, water, minerals, chlorophyll (plants), for which we need to depend on nature.  The existence of living creatures depends on mercy of nature and on the enormous gifts given by nature. There is a fundamental linkage between nature and mankind. So let us save the nature and our surrounding environment, to save us and our future!!!!!

Community Objective:
Any everlasting sustainable change is possible only when we start thinking at global level, educate & train people at local level and practice at individual level. So let us reflect, renovate and rehearse together!


I may sound harsh, but please do not join the community for just sake of it. We are here willing to do some real work regarding the problems and other issues. The community will be active both socially and virtually.



1)    Every member should follow the rules.

2)    Please try to complete the plans we set up here. May it be plantation or creating awareness.

3)    No irrelevant topics shall be posted. It could lead to a ban.

4)    No advertisements. If there are any regarding the issue, they should be posted only in the advertisement thread.

5)    No abusing or personal attacks or attacks on the moderators.


The community plans a series of tasks step by step every month or so and requests every member to follow them to make world a better place at least from our side. In the community we can take up all environment related issues and work and plan to solve them accordingly or support such tasks whenever needed.