Global Warming

Global Warming: The dreadful threat we are facing 

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Owner: Saurabh Sawant, Anahita Sawant. 


1)    What is global warming?

2)    Why does it happen?

3)    Why are we facing sudden climate changes?

4)    Why do we get so often face to face with natural calamities? (Especially storms and heavy rains)

5)    How can we stop it?

6)    What is meant by nature conservation and sustainable development?

7)    What is Biodiversity and its economic significance?

8)    What is Ecological Science and its impact on development and devastation on living life?

      9) How can we think, educate and work together to combat the current environmental challenges? 

    How can we fight it out together?
10)How can we contribute in the process of Sustainable development and nature conservation?


Let’s unite and make world a better place to live!!