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The world is many things but most of all it is me; am I the reflection or is the world the reflection? Can I ever truly know anything or is that the ultimate cop-out? The answer is simple, the posies know that the goal is to grow.

The internet is my haven and I can only find solace in the digital cloud. Its ever changing, all encompassing. Its the closest thing we have to a blueprint for the collective hive-mind/collective-unconscious. Yay Google, you are my God! one zero zero zero two! oops.

Monday Oct, 5th 3:33AM

I have gotten some attention from the right sources. Someone claiming to be a member of a secret organization of ceremonial magic (I can say no more), a new method of living- an apartment of my own- a car I've paid off- medical treatment for a terrible knee injury I've been suffering with... I can see the pieces moving and I try to defocus my eyes and see what is obvious but passive. I have had my heart broken by a wonderful girl and I know that we can never be together though I feed on my own tragedy at times and I imagine a potential future where I will not revolt her sense of independence and maybe a scene where I make money from written word. HAHAHA!

thurs feb 6, 2009

Has it been a year already? I started this web site with the hopes of getting a little exposure for some of my less marketable talents. There is no counter, tracker or cookies on my homepage. Google keeps track of all of that stuff but for the most part I suspect I've gotten a few hundred hits by now. That's not the point really. This is a great relief to me that my thoughts are out tripping the rifts in the digital cloud. Everything you could want is out there now including some jive ass turkeys squawking this or that. The poetry section is constantly being considered though I change it only once every other month or so. Also the favorite URL section gets some attention as well.

When my family and I made the transition from Schofield Barracks, Oahu Hawaii to Ft. Stewart, Georgia I went to live with my Grandparents in Galesburg, Illinois. This was a sad time for me because I enjoyed Hawaii a great deal and transitioning from 5th to 6th grade with no friends was a bleak ordeal to my mind. The pseudonym Kirque Rivehn developed during this time while killing time on a series of WoT posting threads. WoT is an acronym for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series and the message boards were called "The Portal Tower." Kirque is a deviation of the name Kirk because my favorite band at the time was Nirvana and I thought Curt Cobain was Kirk Cobain. I took the name Rivehn from an old puzzle game that I enjoyed and for a few years I lived an alternate persona as Kirque Rivehn, Master Gleeman. This was a learning time for me as I honed my interests in various fantasy novels and spent countless hours developing new campaign settings for 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragons. The name Kirque has stuck with me over the years and I wear the name proudly as a title of entertainment service, a bardic nomad who seeks only reinvention within various artistic mediums. If the world is the sum total of subjective observation then Kirque is the periscope to my imagination.


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