Coby Beatson

Coby Beatson is an educational consultant who has extensive experience as an educator of adults and children of all ages.  Coby is an expert in the use of Interactive Whiteboards (IWB) and is devoted to using them in the classroom, integrating their use into the entire curriculum.

Coby’s career has led her to become a skilled practitioner in Thinking Curriculum and Inquiry Learning. She works with teachers to develop their curriculum and offers expertise in IWB’s, Web 2.0, Personalised Learning, Habits of Mind, Thinking Skills, Multiple Intelligences, Cooperative Learning Strategies, Collaborative Projects and 1:1 devices use in the classroom.


Coby will present the following sessions (see the Master Program on the Program Tab for details):

Session 5 - When interactive whiteboards Go BAD!

Session 8 - Thinking Curriculum and Web 2.0 - hand in hand