Lisa and Macintosh periodicals

Semaphore Signal (originally simply Signal) was a periodical produced by Semaphore Corporation for Lisa and then Macintosh users, published from June 1983 through September 1986, totaling 28 issues, all of which are archived online and can be found using the table of links below.

Most content was generated by Semaphore employees. The only by-lined articles to appear were submitted by readers, in issues 20 to 27, and as a two-part article in issues 4 and 5. Recurring features included products reviews, letters to the editor, reports of what subscribers used their computers for, hints submitted by users, lists of users groups, and lists of Lisa and Macintosh software, hardware, and publications sent to Semaphore for review.

The initial issues were 7" x 9" to fit the documentation binders that arrived with a Lisa. Issues were free with submittal of a Lisa serial number, otherwise $1 per issue in the United States and $2 per issue elsewhere. The name changed with issue 8 to avoid confusion with another existing publication titled Signal). Layout was initially done with LisaDraw and mastered on the Lisa dot matrix printer. Output was sent to digital Compugraphic typesetters beginning with issue 13. Layout of later issues was done with PageMaker.

A special edition 11.5" x 17" 32-page black and white newsprint tabloid sold at Macworld dated January 1986 reprinted the non-advertising content of issues 1 to 24.