PerCap: Comparing state Covid-19 per capita infections and deaths

As of April 27, 2020 New York has the most infections and deaths, but Connecticut and New Jersey actually have more deaths as a percentage of their population.

PerCap is a standalone Windows tool to interactively compare and plot state Covid-19 per capita infections and deaths per the screenshot below. Download PerCap here.

You can simultaneously plot any number of one or more states. All infection/death counts are from the Covid Tracking Project. Each time a state is selected, the vertical scale adjusts to fit the state with the worst infection and/or death percentage of the state population and those numbers appear in the title bar. In the example below, Connecticut's .709% of-the-population total infections is significantly higher than California's .11% of-the-population. You can plot daily infection/death totals or cumulative totals.

The download includes Delphi 6 source code. The "allData.xls" Excel spreadsheet also included in the download shows all Covid Tracking Project counts as of 4/27/20, along with calculated percentages using state population estimates for 2019. The "just%.xls" spreadsheet shows just the data extracted for PerCap, and "just%.txt" is the tab-delimited text export that PerCap loads at startup.

You may use or modify PerCap in any way you see fit, but please reference this web page as the source of the original program. Email if you enhance PerCap (for example, by implementing automatic fetching of newer Covid Tracking Project data) and we'll plug your changes here.