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ALEKS Refresher Courses

               Customized ALEKS Refresher Courses

Please note: These online refresher modules cannot replace any Math prerequisites. If you are lack of any Math prerequisite course, please visit http://camosun.ca/learn/advice/math-upgrade-options.html to find the right course to take with us.   

ALEKS is an acronym for Assessment and Learning in Knowledge Spaces. The ALEKS Corporation has a number of online courses that we have customized to provide short refresher modules that you can work through to bring yourself  up to speed before you begin your program at Camosun.  
  Customized ALEKS Course 
 ALEKS Course Code
Refresher for Camosun
 Get Ready for Algebra CX6MK-AHAKM MATH 135
 Prep for Math 11 HRDVY-NKNCD
 MATH 072 or
 MATH 137 or
 MATH 172 
 Prep for Math 073
 Algebra Prep for Math 12/Precalc
 Trig Prep for Math 12/Precalc
 MATH 107 or 
 MATH 115 or
 MATH 163
 Prep for Applied Calculus WXJ6N-DTYFW
 MATH 108 or 
 MATH174A or
 Prep for Math 100

Registering For One of the Above Courses

The above prep courses are not Camosun courses; in fact, you don't need to be a Camosun student to take them. You don't register at Camosun College; you simply register online with ALEKS using the course code given in the above table and an access code that you purchase online.  

Steps to Follow to Register Online

  • On the ALEKS home page, choose NEW USER SIGN UP NOW  below the login box. That will take you to a new screen.    
  • Then, very importantly, fill in left hand part of the screen using your course code from the above table. 
    (The heading on the left hand part of the screen is USING ALEKS WITH A CLASS. Do not choose the Independent User Category. As an independent user, you would not be able to access our customized courses.) 
  • On the next screen you will be asked to enter your access code. You can purchase it online for $30US (for 6 weeks).
  • Continue following the directions on the screen. 
Each ALEKS course begins with a diagnostic test to determine what topics you already know. This initial assessment will take  1 - 2 hours.  After completing it you will be presented with a pie chart showing the topics in the course, what you already know and what you are ready to learn. ALEKS is mastery based program. You don't lose marks if you get something wrong; you just do more exercises to learn the concept.  ALEKS will automatically reassess you several times during the course to check that you have retained what you have learned. Once you have completed all of the topics, ALEKS gives you a final assessment. A course typically takes from 25 - 50 hours to complete.  

Your course fee pays for six weeks; you can work through as many courses as you want during that period. If you need more than six weeks, then you can pay for more time. 
Good luck!