Frequently asked questions

Do you offer distance or online learning?
No, the Master of Statistical Data Analysis is a regular program, which cannot be followed via distance or online learning.

Do you offer scholarships?
The Master of Statistical Data Analysis offers no scholarships, but students from developing countries who enrol in our program may be eligble to a highly competitive Master Grant for Students from Developing Countries, although not for enrolment in the coming academic year 2016-2017.

Can I still enroll for the upcoming academic year?
Students without a Flemish degree must respect the following deadlines

If I decide the spread the program over 2 years, can I still change this to 3 years if it turns out difficult to combine with my job?
You only need to decide one year at a time how many courses you will take. If the program turns out too busy, then you may want to consider withdrawing from one or more courses. If you do this sufficiently in time (please see the Education and Examination Code for details), then you may be eligible to partial reimbursement. Furthermore, by doing so, you prevent failure for too many credits, which - if this happens persistently - could prohibit re-enrolment in the longer term (please see the Education and Examination Code for details)

Is it possible to combine the program with a full-time job?
Yes, many of our students do. However, please keep in mind that this is an intensive program with many group work assignments. We recommend spreading it over (3 or) 4 years in combination with a full time job.

Is attendance of the lectures compulsory?
No, none of the lectures or lab sessions is compulsory, but no individual-based teaching is provided for students who can not attend class (although teaching materials and assignments will be provided to all students through the electronic course platform). Our alumni generally find the lectures and lab sessions very useful, and we thus recommend following these as much as possible.

Can we get in contact with alumni?
If you want to contact alumni to aks questions about their experience with our program, or about job expectations and life as a statistician, you may contact Veronique Storme. She is the president of the Alumni Society of the MaStat: vesto@psb.vib-ugent.be

If you have a different question, then please email Stijn.Vansteelandt@UGent.be.