Session Materials

Urban Leaders Network for School Culture & Student Support
September 30, 2015
"Conditions for Learning" Metric
May 14, 2015

Facilitating Critical Student Support Meetings
Urban Leaders Network for School Culture & Student Support
February, 26, 2015

Urban Leaders Network for School Culture & Student Support - Launch Meeting
December 11, 2014
MA ESE Wraparound Zone Initiative
Leadership & Learning Exchange
Year 3 Showcase Event
                Showcase Districts: Lynn, Fall River
                Showcase Districts: Springfield, Worcester, Wareham
                Showcase Districts: Worcester, Holyoke
                 Showcase Districts: Lynn, Worcester
                Showcase Districts: Lynn, Fall River
                Showcase Districts: Springfield, Fall River
                Showcase Districts: Lynn, Wareham, Holyoke
                Showcase Districts: Worcester, Holyoke, Fall River, Lynn
  • Jason DeFalco, Principal, Sullivan Middle School, Worcester
  • Paul Hyry-Dermith, Assistant Superintendent, Holyoke
  • Meg Mayo-Brown, Superintendent, Fall River
  • Cathy Latham, Superintendent, Lynn
  • Sue Rowe, Assistant Superintendent, Lynn
Changing Culture, Changing Lives: Why School Culture Matters & How to Get There
March 4, 2014
  • Breakout 3: Strong Culture through Curriculum: Where Student Support & Curriculum Engagement Intersect
  • Breakout 3: Strong Culture through Curriculum: Where Student Support & Curriculum Engagement Intersect

Rethinking School and District Systems for Engaging Parents & Families - Taking it Deeper!
January 14, 2014
  • Breakout Sessions
    • Breakout 1: Keeping Parents in the Center of Student Support, Anthony Irsfeld, Director, Families and Communities Together, Community Healthlink; Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry
  • Breakout 3: Getting a Major Parent Engagement Fundamental Right: Creating a Welcoming and Inclusive Environment, Magda Rodriguez, Family Engagement Coordinator, Families First and Sue Covitz, Director of Outreach and Education, Families First

Real Partnerships, Real Change: Improving Student Outcomes Through School-Community Partnerships
November 21, 2013
  • Spotlights on the Work: Breakout Sessions

No Turnaround without Wrapound, WAZ Leadership & Learning Exchange
October 1, 2013

WAZ Leadership & Learning Exchange, May 23, 2013
  • WAZ Impact Video

WAZ Statewide Training Event / Content Session, April 11, 2013: The Next Generation of Student Support
  • Seeing Kids:  "Letter Writers" - Children Full of Life video (WAZ meeting short version / 6 mins)

More from the Children Full of Life documentary and Japanese teacher Toshiro Kanamori:

Children Full of Life (1 of 5) (full 9 minute version of the clip we watched)
Children Full of Life (2 of 5) (letter writers deal with bullying)
Children Full of Life (3 of 5) (Kanamori and the class deal with a student behavior issue)
Children Full of Life (4 of 5) (students draw "who they are, inside & out" and letter writer helps letter writer deal with death)
Children Full of Life (5 of 5) (the end of the year - student come up with an amazingly touching idea for the class' last "family project")
  • Breakout Session 1: Circle of Student Support: City Connects Slides  |  Sullivan Middle School materials

WAZ Statewide Training Event / Content Session, March 14, 2013: Where School Climate, Culture, & Behavior Intersect
  • Breakout 2:  The Brookings Story: Using Positive School Climate to Turnaround Student Performance 
    Terry Powe, Principal, Elias Brookings Elementary School, Springfield

  • Breakout 3:  There Is Another Way: Aligning School-wide and Classroom Discipline Supports and Interventions in Middle and High Schools 
    Larry Dieringer, Executive Director, Educators for Social Responsibility

WAZ Statewide Training Event / Content Session, January 31, 2013:  Beyond Parent Night | Rethinking School and District Systems for Engaging Parents & Families

Leadership & Learning Exchange, October 1, 2012

Cross District Exchange, May 24, 2012

WAZ Coordinators Meeting, April 12, 2012

Cross District Learning Exchange, February 7, 2012

Coalition examples from elsewhere: Strive Partnership, Say Yes Syracuse, and Alignment Nashville
Defining the Relationship of Collaborators
Strive Partnership Case Study
12 Case Studies of Effective Collaboratives
Collective Impact - Stanford Social Innovation Review
Community Toolbox
  • Cross District Conversations: Coalition Challenges
Relationship or partnership? Who makes best partner or coalition member?
Maintaining integrity of school-based partnerships while growing access and engagement district-wide?
Building internal receptivity and capacity to do community partnerships?
Measuring effectiveness of partnerships and coalition outcomes as a whole?

Coordinators Meeting, January 9, 201

Cross District Learning Exchange, November 9, 2011
Example 1: Alignment Nashville (district-wide approach): Alignment Nashville website | Organizational Structure, Principles, and Process Handouts | Alignment Nashville 2010-11 Annual Report (good examples of specific focus areas, partner alignment, etc.) | Alignment Nashville SEL Resource Guide

Example 2: Peck School, Holyoke (school-based approach): Peck Presentation Slides  | Peck School Handouts

WAZ Coordinator Meeting, October 18, 2011:  Session Materials

WAZ Coordinator Meeting, September 20, 2011:  Session Materials |  Session Notes | Technical Assistance Activities - Tentative Calendar (always check the main website Calendar for most-up-to-date information!)

WAZ Launch Meeting, June 26, 2011:  Session Materials  | District WAZ Presentations: Fall River |  Holyoke | Lawrence | Lynn | Springfield | Worcester