Mass Velocity Track Club

"There are no shortcuts

to any place worth going".


Co-Presidents: Susan Loyd, Roger Pierce

Membership: Ralph Souppa

Treasurer: Beth Clark

Record Keeper: Tim Hoff

Clerk: Tucker Taft

Club Founder: Larry Libow

Website:  David Neumann, Gary Rossen, Tucker Taft


Interested in joining?

send an email to Ralph at:

This club is built around Master's men and women sprinters, middle-distance runners, jumpers and throwers from throughout New England and beyond. We have all age groups represented from 30+ to 80+ years young. The photo at left includes only a fraction of the team.

Some on this team are novices, while others have set multiple World Masters age-group records.  Our relay teams are always looking for new members, and we have had great success, currently holding several national records in the 45+, 55+, and 65+ age groups for both women and men, indoor and out, at 4x100, 4x200, and 4x400.

Our members compete indoors and outdoors, at local and regional meets as well as National and World Championships, including the Millrose Games and Penn Relays.  Just this February our M45+ team broke the 4x4 indoor national record at Millrose by three seconds, lowering it to 3:44.89.

There is a tremendous feeling of respect, friendship and camaraderie on this team. Members train hard, and injuries are not uncommon. When competition begins, it's serious business.


MVTC is always looking for new women and men who share the passion for track and field. Whether you are a former Olympian or just ok, you will find a place at our table.     


Looking for a meet?  Try these Links:


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