Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges (TE's) can be a great way to get traffic to your websites.As the name implies, you are trading page views with others. The concept is simple. You surf sites, via the exchanges' individual surf bars (this is not a toolbar to be installed, but rather a frame within the browser window), to earn credits. You have to add your site you are promoting into the rotation, then assign the credits you have earned, and other people view your site as they surf.

The effectiveness of these exchanges depends greatly on the site you are promoting, but they can be a great source of traffic if done right. The trick is to remember who is viewing your site. These are other people who are trying to gain credits to get their sites viewed, just like you. Given this knowledge, you can assume that mos people will only be physically looking at your site for around 5-10 seconds. This is a short window of time to grab someone's attention, which is why splash pages are highly recommended. A splash page, for those of you who do not know, is a small page with a few details designed to grab attention and get someone to click the link to go to the main site you are promoting. If you need a good free splash page creator, try this one. InstantSplash. Instantsplash also has a paid pro upgrade option which allows you to earn commissions on people that sign up as pro under you. A word of caution, surfing the exchanges, and tracking your credits and their usage, can be quite addicting. Be sure to block out enough time to effectively work these exchanges before jumping into them, keeping in mind the time needed to add your sites as well as text and banner ads.

For more information on the pros and cons of TE's, see this blog post I guest wrote at a friend's blog. This post should help you decide if this method of gaining free traffic is right for you. There is also a great guide to TE's in the attachments area at the bottom of this page.

The following are lists of traffic exchanges I personally recommend. I have used all of these with good results. The trick is to use them all and see which ones get results for you. Again, depending on what you are promoting, different exchanges will likely work better.

Before I get into the lists, I promised to help you get referrals to help you gain referrals. You could always rab splash pages from each exchange, and place them in rotation on the other ones you use. This would eat up a lot of time and credits. OR, you could promote all the top rated traffic exchanges and safelists with one splash page. does exactly that. Simply register, then register with the sites listed, and promote your traffichoopla page. It's that simple. Referrals will be placed under you in each of the exchanges listed.

Now for my recommended exchanges:

TOP Recommended Traffic Exchanges:
Each of these exchanges has their own unique benefits. They all have good surf ratios and/or great bonus pages while surfing that earn tons of bonus credits. Sweeva is unique in that it allows you to pick a time when your site is shown, and get feedback as surfers are able to chat while surfing. Others allow you to use your credits to send emails to their members. Al of these in this first category are a MUST if you want to gain good traffic.
Popular 1:1 Traffic Exchange 
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Even if you do not join any of the other exchanges below, or join as detailed at the bottom of the page, I strongly suggest you join the exchanges above. You WILL get good page views from these exchanges.
2nd Highest Recommended Exchanges. Each of these are also highly recommended. The exchanges in the following list all have good surf ratios and/or bonus credit pay-outs. I have had good results from each of them as well with my different campaigns. Pay attention to the pages being displayed. There are pages with a chance to gain bonus credits and banner/text impressions that pop up at rondom on some, or set intervals on others. Again, some of these may be included in the join lists.

Other Traffic Exchanges I recommend: Many of these are ones you need to join after registering at, so you might want to start there. GOOD LUCK!

Now, for the effective way to use these exchanges simultaneously so that you can surf and earn credits on several at the same time. For starters, open a new browser window and open each of these in a separate tab. just right click on each link, select "copy link location", and paste it into a new tab in your other window. Next, right click on one of the browser tabs and select "Bookmark All Tabs" (Firefox only). This will put all of these sites into a folder under your bookmarks that you can rename to "Traffic Exchanges". After you have surfed several of these, you will determine your favorite sites. I suggest grouping them into folders. I have several different bookmarks folders titled simply, TE1, TE2, TE3 and so on. It would just be too much to try and surf 30 plus at a time, so try to put between 8-12 sites per folder. Next time you want to start surfing them, open a fresh browser window, right click on the folder in your bookmarks, and select "Open all in tabs". VIOLA! Now you are ready to surf them all at once. You can also organize these different folders to put your favorite TE's into certain folders. Clicking Ctrl+Tab will scroll between the tabs allowing you to click each one and move onto the next one. Just please take the time to at least scan each site before moving along. Also, you will want to pay attention as every exchange will pop up a page periodically that has a bonus opportunity. Keep watching for these to earn bonus credits and impressions. Once you have each site opened and bookmarked, register to each and add your site. Don't forget to validate your website on each exchange. This will take some time to get set up, but is well worth it. I suggest simply adding your primary site to start with, and each day that you come back to surf, add a new site or some banners or text links. Now, start surfing and earning credits. I recommend keeping this browser window open all day, so that whenever you have a few minutes, you can run through the exchanges a few times. It is not difficult to rack up some serious credits this way.

Good luck! I hope to see your pages in the rotation soon. Now go check out the other pages of this site for more ways of driving free traffic to your website.
Bill Gelwick,
Jun 9, 2010, 2:35 PM