Unisys Announces Agreement with WoodWing Software

Unisys e-@ction Publishing Solutions (Published on: 3/21/2001)

Unisys Announces Agreement with WoodWing Software to Integrate Adobe InDesign with Unisys e-@ction Publishing Solutions

Leading Adobe InDesign Plugin Provider Hired to Provide Development Services

Milan, March 21, 2001 -- Unisys and WoodWing Software announced a development agreement in which WoodWing will provide Unisys with Adobe InDesign plug-in technology and development services to further the integration of the Unisys e-@ction News Content Manager - Hermes(tm) with Adobe InDesign, a page layout application which is rapidly becoming a market standard. The first step calls for the two companies to develop a solution to transfer layout information and gross typography from the Adobe application to News Content Manager, in order to allow Unisys clients to work with InDesign as well as the Unisys pagination engine. For publishers, these enhancements will ease the transition to the Unisys editorial and pagination solutions by reducing user-training time, resulting in a faster return on investment and systems implementation.


"This partnership is a win-win situation for both companies," said Erik Schut, managing director, WoodWing Software. "While WoodWing concentrates on its core competence of applying Adobe InDesign technology, Unisys is able to free development efforts and resources in other strategic areas."
This alliance is a significant step Unisys is taking to make its systems more flexible and open to enhancements, to help customers leverage new opportunities for business growth and to complement and expand the breadth of the publishing portfolio.


“In today's standards-based world, accepting page layouts from market leading applications like Adobe InDesign is critical for publishers that heavily rely on freelancer designers and graphics artists during peak production periods," said Massimo Barsotti, senior product manager, Global Publishing Solutions. "Based on their recognized knowledge of Adobe InDesign software development process, we selected WoodWing to move our solutions a step further in allowing page designers to work with their preferred layout application."

The new integration to allow layouts to be exported from InDesign and translated into News Content Manager layouts will be available for both the PC-Windows and Mac platform. It will be included in Release 6.0 of the Unisys e-@ction Publishing Solutions which is targeted for release in the third quarter of this year. A Beta version will be showcased at the Newspaper Association of America's annual technical exposition and conference for newspapers, NEXPO, in June.

About WoodWing Software

WoodWing Software is a Netherlands-based software development company specialized in software components for cross-media workflow. WoodWing is the leader in Plug-Ins and Solutions for Adobe InDesign and InCopy. WoodWing markets the Smart line of products, consisting of Smart Styles, Smart Layout and Smart XML Export. For more information, access http://www.woodwing.com/.

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Unisys e-@ction Publishing Solutions Published on: 3/21/2001