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Why XML is Good for Publishing


Unisys Announces Agreement with WoodWing Software


TestPartner di Compuware - Case History



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Wikipedia: Luc Orient


Wikipedia: Hermann Zapf


Wikipedia: Hz-program

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 Here's a link to an excellent blog: The Silent Blog

 I love its introduction: "There is so much stuff to read, view and study, that adding another source seemed criminal to me. On the other hand, this blog is so clean, immediate, fast, that you'll love it in a matter of seconds, a refreshing break from the overfilled blogosphere."

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 A wonderful set of Dashboard widget, always on my Mac: freeComics 

Never miss your favorite comic anymore! If you love comics, you'll love freeComics and WinComics! 

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 This is a stupid page, I know: The middle page 

Welcome! You just reached the page that stays at the exact center of the Internet. We at MiddlePageTechnologies Inc. adopt the latest technologies to ensure that this page always stays in the middle of the World Wide Web

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Another interesting blog, recently discovered: Informatici a Pisa negli anni'80 

Attratti dal boom dei computer, migliaia di ragazzi invasero il Dipartimento di Informatica dell'Universita' di Pisa, nella prima meta' degli anni '80.

I was one of them!