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University of Luxembourg, 
Physics and Materials Science Research Unit,
Campus Limpertsberg BRB 0.03, 
162a avenue de la Faïencerie, 
L-1511 Luxembourg, 
G. D. Luxembourg.

Massimiliano, Matteo, Danilo, Emanuele, Gianmaria, Tim, Francesco, Krzyszof, Nahuel, Tommaso, Riccardo, Samuel, Artur

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The past...

Former postdocs:
Former PhD student:
    • Riccardo Rao (Nov. 2014-Oct. 2018)
    • Artur Wachtel (July 2014-May 2018)
    • Kamran Shayanfard (Dec. 2012-Feb. 2017)
    Former long term visitors:

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