Massachusetts Orthoimagery Consortium (MassOrtho)

This site contains the materials and tracks the progress of the Massachusetts Orthoimagery Consortium (MassOrtho).  The following is a list of our goals:
  • To lower the cost of orthoimagery acquisition for participating communities
  • To provide a single procurement process and project management expertise at the regional level
  • To provide a basemap of regional orthoimagery that is accessible to various local, state, regional, and federal agencies 
  • To provide a predictable and sustainable model for recurring imagery procurement
Imagery Updates: 
Final status graphic for the 2014 flight season.
All flight windows have been closed.
May 11: Acquired remainder of Gardner. Updated project graphic.
May 8-10: No flights due to weather.
May 7: Acquired West Springfield, Concord, Acton, Westford, Leominster, Fitchburg, and partial Gardner. Updated project graphic.
May 6: Worcester and Shrewsbury rejected flight lines were reflown.
May 5: No flights due to weather. Updated project graphic.
May 2-4: No flights due to weather (wind)
April 28: No flights due to weather
April 26-27: No flights due to weather
April 25: Acquired certain flight lines, see graphic.
Flight window extended to May 7, 2014
April 24: Acquired 3 partial flight lines, constrained by wind and turbulence.
April 23: No flights due to weather
April 22: No flights due to weather
April 21: Completed the Cape, East, Marlborough, Beverly, Salem, Lynn. Started N. Andover and Medfield. See graphic.
April 19-20: Acquired many flight lines on the Cape and North Shore, see graphic.
April 18: No flights due to weather
April 17: Acquired 21 flight lines in Shrewsbury and Worcester
April 16: Acquire 2 flight lines; vendor noted the following conditions: snow is some areas, standing water, and turbulence
April 15: No flights due to weather
April 13: No flights due to weather
April 12: Acquired 14 flight lines in Seekonk and Dartmouth
April 11: No flights due to weather

Progress Chart

  • Fact Sheet: contains cost estimatetimeline, and imagery specs.
    • Imagery spec summary
      • 7.5 cm (nominally 3 inch) resolution: which will allow for mapping of hydrants, manholes, and single trees
      • 1 foot horizontal accuracy: which will allow for the development of 2ft contours and 40-50 scale mapping
      • Leaf off imagery flown in spring 2014
      • Full color and infrared imagery
      • All the raw data / stereoimagery that will allow each participant to then contract to have planemetric data developed from it.
  • Frequently Asked Questions: many answers to common questions
  • MassOrtho is working with USGS's GPSC procurement service on process and procedures.
For additional information, please email Adam Kurowski: akurowski at
Updated: 02/19/2015