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The Trustworthy Challenge


Being a trustworthy school community begins with you! We are challenging you to demonstrate trustworthiness in your classes, among your peers, friends and teachers.



What is Trustworthiness?

Trustworthiness is being reliable and dependable. It is about being true to your word when you are given the chance to be trusted with tasks. It is about the people around you believing in you because they trust you. Being trustworthy is a not only a person trusting you, it’s you trusting those around you.


Why is it important?


Being trustworthy is important because it allows freedom in your life. When people can trust you to perform a task you gain not only their trust but their respect also. Being trustworthy is an attribute that greatly enhances your life. Many people in the world perform tasks where they are entrusted with the safety of others such as fire fighters and doctors, or the financial well-being of their clients such as lawyers and accountants.


So now what?

Well there are 2 things which you need to do:

1) Are you ready to trust? This can sometimes mean taking a risk that the other person may not follow through but it is worth the risk.


2) Are you ready to be trusted? Others are counting on you for many reasons and that means that you need to be responsible in following through with what you are entrusted with.  



Are you currently in a grade 9 physical education class?


If so, then you will be able to put your trustworthiness to the test! Some of your senior peers will be coming to your class near the end of April to involve you in trust building activities! “Are you ready to trust? Are you ready to be trusted?”


Stay tuned for more information!