RESPECT includes an attitude of appreciation, admiration, and esteem without discrimination. 

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Respect is Massey's priority trait - let's see what you can do Massey!

* One group of students who have not been recognized enough in our system are students who are in wheelchairs.  Therefore, the RESPECT Character Coachess would like to offer an assembly where two of our students and a former Massey grad, all of whom are disabled, will have their opportunity to speak to the grade 9s about the realities of living with a disability.  They hope to enlighten others about what they can DO, rather than focus on what can't be done.  They also want to let others know that people need to look and speak directly to them and not focus on their wheelchairs or their disability--find the person inside!

*  The RESPECT Character Coaches would like to suggest a challenge to able-bodied students.  Try tying one arm behind your back for a whole day and see how difficult your life would be with this one particular challenge.  Do not use that arm for ANYTHING throughout the day.  If necessary, ask others to assist you.  In addition to this activity, stop at all of the doorways (hopefully with your good arm full of books) and see how long it takes someone to open the door for you without asking.

Respect for others spans beyond being respectful to those with disabilities.  Respect for one another should be regular practice among interactions with friends, peers, teachers, and parents.  Simply saying please and thank-you, opening doors for others (despite ability), and using uplifting words rather than insults truly enhance human interaction.  So there's your challenge Massey - respect.