Massena Aluminum Historical Association

Preserve Our Aluminum Heritage


Massena Aluminum Historical Association

The Massena Aluminum Historical Association was started on January 10, 1987, to preserve the aluminum heritage of Massena and to honor the people in the industry by the collection of aluminum and printed materials. Relevant materials include: examples of products made at the local aluminum plants, articles showing the wide variety of uses of aluminum, and historical photos or written records showing the significance of the local aluminum industry to residents personal lives and the overall economy and culture of the area. The association relies primarily upon the private donations to add to its collections.

Association Logo

The association's logo, above, shows a crucible pouring molten aluminum into a mold. The symbol of the crucible and mold were chosen to represent the most important smelting operation which takes place at the Massena aluminum industries.

Association Motto

The Association's motto, “Preserve Our Aluminum Heritage”, conveys the urgency of remembering and passing on an appreciation of an important part of Massena's past.