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Massage + Yoga offers professional bodywork that excels at improving our clients daily health and wellness.   We offer a suite of personalized services to help you get where you want to go. We created Massage + Yoga as a local business in our friendly Wells Branch neighborhood in  North Austin. We are dedicated to finding extraordinary results for our clients and our therapy team will work closely and compassionately with you to achieve your goals.

Thank you, ~Summer & Michael

Why Massage + Yoga?
 Massage and Yoga both excel at countering the effects of stress on the body. Massage shines at treating constricted, injured or knotted tissue conditions that limit our function while Yoga excels at treating the movement patterns that confine our well being.  We use combinations of massage, stretching, yoga, to bring out your best self.  We know the body wants to heal and create balance and by working in concert with the body intelligence we see extraordinary change. We've searched high and low to find the most relevant bodywork techniques and contantly develop our own. In particular we've developed a unique assessment approach that informs our decisions to provide the best course of treatent. And we consistently see success combining Massage + Yoga to facilitate desired change.

Types of Services
Total-Stress-Reduction -> Our answer to stress.  A customized massage with layers of treatment options including infrared sauna, hot-towels, hot-packs, simple aromatherapy and a unique blend of massage modalities just for you - Deep compression, stretch therapy, myofascial release, cranio-sacral, trigger point, accupressure, absolutely everything included.  Treatments address, hip, neck, shoulder, back, wrist related pain and discomfort.  You will be changed.  
Prenatal/Postnatal -> Total comfort, nurturing and support for all prenatal and postnatal body change, aches, strains, cricks, cramps.  Uniquely qualified therapists can create massage and yoga treatment plans.  Everything included in a single price no upcharges.  Summer Greenlees won Best Massage Therapist Austin 2011 for Pregnancy Massage.
Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage -> Incredible deep compression and fluid massage approach that works exceptionally on large muscle groups.  This approach provides all of the best of relaxation, deep tissue and therapeutic massage in single session.
Spinal Health -> Massage, Stretch Therapy and accupressure combined to release chronic back, neck, shoulder pain and tension.  Tremendous care and concern is given to every choice in our Spinal Health massages.  Combined with gentle yoga, targeted stretches, positive intention and commitment to your health goals.
NeuroSensory Massage -> Unique application of massage and targeted nutrition from NeuroBiologix are combined to help offset the stressful conditions of neurosensory disorders.  A consultation required prior to treatment.
Medical Massage -> Receive in-home medical massage attention for post-accident recovery covered by Personal Injury Protection automobile insurance.  Treatment and care of soft-tissue injuries immediate to an accident can greatly accelerate recovery time.  These massages are available to the whole family, minors included with parent present.  
Thai Massage -> A premier treatment for musculo-skeletal pain and discomfort.  Wear loose comfortable clothing and receive a deep stretching session combined with diverse massage techniques to produce profound deep relief in body tension.  Can be offered as a couples massage session.
Sports & Fitness Boost -> Overtraining, preparing for a race, recovering from an injury we provide a customized massage that combines the best of deep compression, myofascial release, trigger point, thai massage, hot packs, infrared, accupressure.  Treatments address deep shoulder pain, IT bands, sore quads and hamies, plantar fasciatis, muscle cramps, tears, and treatment plans.
Couples Massage -> A fun outing and time to blow off steam with spouse or guest.  Receive luxurious individualized attention on either table or mat.  All treatment methods available.   
Labor Massage Training -> Hands on massage training for husband or partner to provide practical support and pain relief during labor.  Inquire about classes and doula care.
Yoga Therapy & Stress Reduction-> Movement practices to get your body working.  Post injury, beginning yoga, postpartum, prenatal, sports, medical massage clients can all benefit.  

Each massage session tailored to your needs and organized as follows:
-detailed intake
-a selection of infrared sauna, stretch therapy, or shiatsu 'warm-up'
-a customized massage treatment using multiple modalities including Barefoot
-hydrotherapy including hot compress, hot towels, and simple aromatherapy
-transdermal nutritional creams including magnesium and trace mineral oil infusion
-purified Kangen water before, during, after treatment
-draping at all times
-our massage service 60 or 90 minutes means 60 or 90 minutes table time

Our clients enjoy less stress, better sleep, less pain, and more energy.

Much of what people experience as 'Muscle' Pain, Spasm or Ache is a disturbance pattern held in 'Fascia'. Fascia gives our movement continuity and distributes forces through a process called 'tensegrity'. Done properly deep tissue massage restores fascia to full function and ease. To create the most advanced DEEP TISSUE massage we've adopted a Barefoot Massage appraoch that uses a fusion of many modalities including Swedish, MyoFascial Release, Neuromuscular Therapy, Strain-Counter-Strain, Craino-Sacral Therapy, Stretch Therapy, Meridian Stretching and Nutrition for NeuroImmune Health.  By adding Barefoot techniques we gain advantages that need to be experienced! Combined with infrared heat and magnesium infused oils clients experience far less soreness than typical with deep tissue massage.  These are DELUXE treatments usually not less than 90 minutes.

To find the BEST TREATMENT PLAN for clients we adopted Stretch Therapy and Neurobiologix Advanced Nutrition.  Stretch Therapy offers an interactive treatment where the client learns to relieve patterns of pain and discomfort in minutes. Unlike generic stretching for sports, Stretch Therapy was created to resolve chronic pain.  We have found amazing results across a diverse range of clients.  Group Yoga Classes and Private Yoga also offer tremendous value for your health.


The benefits of massage and yoga for pregnancy are unparalleled - with the insight that 'Feeling Good' in your pregnancy and being in touch with the Baby research shows leads to better recovery times and bonding for Mom post partum.  Summer was recognized as Austin's Best Pregnancy Massage Therapist 2011 and continues to share insights about pregnancy - pregnancy massage, yoga, and doula care with clients.  Experience the unique benefits of Massage + Yoga during pregnancy.  

Many spa therapies are intended to infuse the body with valuable healing nutrition and the energy to use that nutrition to rejuvenate.  Combining timeless spa wraps, mini-fascials, and advanced nutrition as part of our Customized massage leads to exceptional results.  As a parnter with Neurobiologix we offer a unique set of nutritional creams to help boost the bodies NeuroImmune capabilities.  


Summer Greenlees, LMT, MTI - prenatal massage specialist, yoga therapist, doula with 15 years experience working with all aspects of pregnancy.  Recognized as Best Massage Therapist 2011, Austin Birth Awards.  

Michael Parrish, LMT - Developer of Massage + Yoga Therapy combining modalities including Stretch Therapy, barefoot massage, shiatsu, deep tissue and Body-Mind Centering.

April Newman, LMT - expert Ashiatsu barefoot therapist with 7 years experience treating soft-tissue injury, sports, pregnancy and deep relaxation.

Dylan Grimsley, LMT - clinical massage specialist with trigger point, deep tissue, neuromuscular for injury recovery and body-balancing. 

We offer Neurobiologix nutritional creams with our treatments.  Ask us for more info.


Address:  14735 Bratton Lane, Suite 207, Austin, TX 78728
Phone: (512) 200-4250


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