Relaxation/Swedish Massage - A full-body massage designed for relaxation using techniques that relieve stress and bring balance to the entire body. Utilizing a range of light to medium pressure that gently soothes aches and pains, improves circulation, and relieves tension.       


Therapeutic (Deep Tissue) Massage -Designed for individuals wanting detailed treatment to specific muscle groups. A firm, slow, deliberate massage using deeper pressure targeting muscle tension, soreness, pain or chronic issues.


Sports Massage - This invigorating athletic massage uses rhythmic strokes and medium pressure to stimulate muscles, aid in flexibility, and flush metabolic waste from the tissues. Not necessarily for the athlete. Combines massage with range of motion and stretching techniques. Ideal for the occasional or serious athlete's pre-event body preparation or post-event body restoration.


Medical massage -  It is targeted massage for acute or chronic conditions including repetitive strain, headaches, backaches, whiplash, fibromyalgia and arthritis.


Pregnancy massage - Pre- & Post- Natal Massage - A massage created with Mom in mind. Provides soothing touch to relieve muscle tension, keep joints flexible and reduce swelling during the ever-changing physical experience of pregnancy and beyond.. It is designed around the mother-to-be and her baby. Extra care is taken with positioning and the expectant mom’s new body.

Oncology Massage -The adaptation of massage to safely nurture body, mind and spirit of anyone who is affected by cancer and the side effects of treatment. This massage is tailored to the needs of individuals with cancer and the psychological needs of clients in all stages of cancer including diagnosis, treatment, and recovery.
Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
MLD is a gentle manual technique, it is a potent way to activate the lymphatic system, especially when the transport capacity of the lymph system is reduced because of prior surgery and/or radiation therapy. If MLD is carried out as an isolated treatment for lymphedema, the results may be very temporary and lasting evacuation of lymph fluid from a congested (swollen) limb will not be possible. MLD alone may be used with much success in many conditions unrelated to lymphedema that are not discussed here.

Reiki  -Deep relaxation and an energy boost. The practitioner lays their hands on different parts of your body and acts as a channel for the universal life force to flow to wherever you need it.The experience of a Reiki session is very individual. Usually, people feel warm or tingling sensations during the treatment, with very relaxed and peaceful feelings after treatment. It is a safe and non-invasive approach to promote healing and well being of your body, mind and spirit