Welcome to Massacrus's homepage. It's more of a journey than a destination....

April 10th, 2007: the first step into a larger world for me, it seems. Eventually, I hope to put a LOT of neat stuff and info on this site, but for now only a few things will be available. Please come back routinely, though, as you might be surprised....

July 1st: some new, full-size desktop images uploaded into the art section.

july 26th: due to too many requests, more new art has been uploaded & jokes have more pics added!

August 7th: more artwork added.

August 27th: a new page has been added! It is nothing but a list of fake joke names! 

August 27th: Man what a day! a list of Tshirt slogans has been added!

August 27th: Still more today! More funny pictures in the joke section. 

November 10th: 6 new pieces of art added to the art gallery 

 NOTICE: because one or two jokes or funny images and whatnot on this site contain sex jokes, this site must notify those who visit it that they may be offended by some of this site's content.  So don't complain at me if you find something here that isn't funny to you.