Welcome to Mass Pl8s, a database of all currently used license plates types in Massachusetts. As I go on I plan to add pictures of older plates, but currently the site only has plates that you would see in use as of 2015. The purpose of this site is to preserve the history of Massachusetts non passenger types, and to educate collectors as to what's out there.

About The Author
This site is maintained by license plate collector Sam Farley of Massachusetts, ALPCA #11699.  For my personal site including license plates of New England and Canada, please click HERETo contact me with comments, questions, or additions to the site, please email samn8r14@gmail.com. I have no connection with any government agency, this site is purely for hobby reasons.

About This Site
Each type has its own page. The navigation bar to the left has a page of each category of types, and the individual types can be reached through these category pages.

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Ambulance  Animal Ambulance  Animal Friendly  Antique  Antique Motorcycle  Apportioned  ATTA ATV  BAT  Birthplace of Basketball  Blackstone Valley  Blue Knights Motorcycle  Boat Dealer  Bronze Star  Bronze Star Motorcycle BRTA  Bruins  Bus  Camper  Cape and Islands  CATA  CCR  Celtics  Choose Life  Commercial  Conquer Cancer  Cure Breast Cancer  Dealer   Disabled  Disabled Motorcycle  Disabled Veteran  Disaster Vehicle  Distinguished Flying Cross  Distinguished Flying Cross Motorcycle  Electric Vehicle  Electric Vehicle Commercial  Environmental Police  EX POW  EX POW Motorcycle  Farm  Firefighter's Memorial  Fire Official  Fish and Wildlife  Foreign Organization  FRTA  GMTA  Gold Star Family  Gold Star Family Motorcycle  Governor's Council  Ham Radio  Hearse  Honorary Consular Corps  Horse and Buggy  Invest in Children  Legion of Valor  Legion of Valor Motorcycle  Limited Use  Limited Use Commercial  Limited Use Livery  Limited Use Motorcycle  Limited Use Taxi  Livery  Low Speed  LRTA  MART  Mass House  Mass Senate  Mass Turnpike  MBTA  MBTA Police  MBTA Police Motorcycle  MBTA Transit Police  Medal of Honor  Medal of Honor Motorcycle  Medical Doctor  MIni Fenway Park  Motorcycle  Motorcycle Dealer  Municipal Boston  Municipal Official  Municipal Motorcycle  MVRTA  Nantucket Island  National Guard  News Photographer  NRTA  Olympic Participant  Olympic Spirit  Owner Contractor  Passenger  Patriots  Pearl Harbor Survivor  Pearl Harbor Survivor Motorcycle  Pedicab Boston  Plymouth 400th  Police Official  Pupils  Purple Heart  Purple Heart Motorcycle  PVTA  Red Knights Motorcycle  Red Sox  Repair  Reserved Number  Reserved Number Motorcycle  Right Whale  School Bus  Semi Trailer  Silver Star  Silver Star Motorcycle  Snow Removal Commercial  Sports Teams  SRTA  State Official  State Police Official  State Trooper  State Trooper Motorcycle  Taxi  Trailer  Transporter  UMASS Amherst  United We Stand  US Congress US Senate  Vanity  Vanity Motorcycle  Vanpool  Veteran  Veteran Motorcycle  VTA  WRA  WRTA

The majority of images on the site were taken by myself. Images not taken by myself are noted as such below said images.

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