The purpose of this Association shall be to promote the cause of Italian studies and to bring about a more effective cooperation among teachers of Italian in the schools, colleges and universities of Massachusetts.

Its goal was and remains (1) to unite and serve the needs of a profession dedicated to the development of Italian as a Foreign Language, (2) to provide its members, students and teachers alike, with educational and insightful universal perspective in an age of ever increasing globalism.

The function of the Association shall be:

• To endorse the teaching of Italian language and culture at all levels of instruction.

• To provide a network of support and solidarity for the community of teachers of Italian.

• To offer professional development for the teacher of Italian in the form of workshops, training, presentations, etc…

• To continually search out ways to increase and improve the instruction of Italian in our schools.

• To reward outstanding achievement in the study of Italian.

• To foster partnership between teachers of Italians and teachers of other world languages sharing the same interests and challenges.

• To help the endeavors of the American Associations Teachers of Italian.

• We are proud to be a chapter of AATI

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