Project Ending

Jun 18, 2010

The niche once filled by Masonux is no longer a niche, and thus I've decided that Masonux no longer has a need to continue. It's been fun folks, and thank you for your support.

Check out Lubuntu, LXDE Mint, Remastersys LXDE Lite, and Peppermint for some other distros that use LXDE.

Announcement relating to Masonux 10.04

May 16, 2010

I'm still a college student, for those unaware. One more week of lecture, and then Finals week. Once that is done, my little brother whom I haven't seen in a while is coming out to visit. Once that is done, summer school starts for me... Only taking one class, though. My Agenda:
  • Re-evaluate Lubuntu and the Linux Mint LXDE spin, and see if Masonux still needs to even exist. Compare hard drive, ram, and CPU usage on identical virtual machines.
  • If it looks to me like Masonux still needs to exist, I'll get to work in earnest as my schedule allows.
If anyone wants to look at the notes from the 9.10 cut and start experimenting with 10.04, please let me know about any quirks you discover and if you were able to find workarounds.

Masonux 9.10 r1 is as done as it's going to get

February 16, 2010

I haven't had any luck resolving any of the annoying issues caused by upstream changes not meshing well with LXDE and openbox. Unless that changes, Masonux 9.10 r1 will be the final 9.10-based release. 10.04 will hopefully not be so wonky.

Masonux 9.10 r1 is Beta quality. If must have stuff only available in the Ubuntu 9.10 repositories and are willing to read through the release notes/discussion, it is available for download. However, if the "Just Works" aspect is important to you, you probably want to use Masonux 9.04-20090821.

Masonux 9.10 Testers Needed

January 20, 2010

I haven't done a lot of testing with this release, so I need your help before I declare it fully "stable".

See here for details.

FTP Server for Masonux

January 15, 2010

Thanks to the oustanding folks over at geekconnection, Masonux now has its own ftp server. This is great because it's a long term solution that I have direct control over.

Direct Download Back Up! Community Forum Down For a few days...

Public Domain Day, 2010

Unbeknownst to me, the previous e-mail I received from dropbox informing me that they where cutting off my public dropbox probably had something to do with a spike that resulted from Masonux being listed on distrowatch. I guess we can call that a mixed blessing. No hard feelings towards dropbox, though. They are a company out to make money, and anyone with a bit of google talent will note that I have stated several times that I regard this as a hobby and don't ever intend to put money into it.... I have nothing to offer dropbox that they would be interested in, and hosting my .iso was costing them money.

A whole bunch of folks have offered all sorts of help with the distribution of Masonux. I'm leaving today to go skiing for a few days (actually, I need to be packing right now...) so I haven't gone through all the offers and whatnot. For now, though, there is a .torrent and direct download link in the downloads section. I have verified the md5sum of both, and both are good. Hopefully we will soon have a bunch of direct download mirrors there and a healthy torrent swarm.

I have no idea what the "masonux" thing listed on the gnutella network (FrostWire, LimeWire, etc) is, so don't download from there.

The community forum will be down for a few days. The guy that maintains the hardware (ie: a computer in his basement, running Cent OS if I remember correctly from him complaining about the ancient software in the repos.) and server-side software is going to try coding some additional functionality for the other forum that our community forum is a copy of... the functionality may or not make it's way to us. I've also had lots of offers for forum hosting, but I like the no-registration-required aspect of our current setup. I have no use for your e-mail address or other personal information if you don't feel like disclosing it, so why require that anyone provide it?

Direct Downloads Temporarily Dead...

December 21, 2009

From my inbox:

from: Dropbox
to: Me
subject: Notification from Dropbox

Hi Chris,

This email is an automated notification from Dropbox that your Public links have been temporarily suspended on account of generating excessive traffic. Your Dropbox will continue to function completely normally with the exception of Public links.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line at

- The Dropbox Team

Well, that's annoying. Cursed by success! :D Anyone that would like to offer a more reliable mirror, or any .torrent gurus that would like to set that up for me, please do so and let me know.

Until we resolve this, these directions will still work.
I'd prefer to find a $0.00 solution, as I don't want to start panhandling you folks for donations.
Suggestions? Please post them on the discussion forum.

Ubuntu/Debian (including Masonux) Malware

December 8, 2009, 4 hours after first report of incidence.

Short Version: Unless you are certain that you trust the source and/or are able to vette it yourself for security concerns, do not install any .Deb files or run scripts from gnome-look or any other website on the internet. Especially not as root. This has always been good advice, but it is especially relevant right now. If you have done so in the last week or so, you may have a problem.
Long Version: If the above applies to you, please read through this in it's entirety.

Masonux 9.10: I'm still working!

December 1, 2009

Beta1 was released a while back, but I didn't announce it here because I am a bum... and, honestly? It was kind of an embarrassing release. Look here for details if you want to try it out. Beta2 will be released soon. Maybe today. It will also be an unpolished abomination. But it will have a christmas-themed default wallpaper. :D

Update: here is the 2nd beta. There is no md5 at present (and probably wont be, for betas), and the Login Window is a little wonky... make sure you select LXDE as the session. This is a beta, so do not install it on a production machine. On a related note: the install icon itself doesn't work. Entering "ubiquity" in a terminal works, though.

Masonux 9.10 will be Delayed

October 29, 2009

Under the hood changes in Ubuntu 9.10 have caused it to no longer be compatible with remastersys. The developer of remastersys is aware of the problem, so hopefully it will be resolved soon and Masonux 9.10 can be released.

Feedback Request for Masonux 9.10

October 23, 2009

I am experiencing a dilemma about which login manager to use in 9.10 due to some upstream changes. Please leave your feedback here or here if you are up to it. Thanks!

Masonux Discussion Forum Open For Business!

October 17, 2009

The Masonux Discussion Forum can be found here, or by clicking on the link located to the left.

Masonux 9.04-20090917 Released

September 17, 2009

Click here to download. There is no compelling reason to use this version if you already have a previous 9.04 release of Masonux. This is an incremental release that accomplishes two of the items on my To-Do List.
  • Default lxpanel config - The default panel appearance now looks nice, instead of ugly.
  • gnome-power-manager included by default

Plans for Masonux 9.10 and my To-Do List

September 15, 2009
  • Desktop Background - Create a desktop background in 3 or 4 colors that includes the URL to this web page and default LXDE keyboard shortcuts.
  • Screenshots - Create a screenshots page and add to web page. If you have any, please email them to me!
  • Default lxpanel config - Learn how to modify this in a way that it is implemented when new users are created.
  • Add gnome-power-manager by default - Many are using Masonux on laptops and netbooks.
  • Forum - Keep bothering my associate until he finishes this.